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Posts tagged as “Andrew Yang”

Former Democratic and Republican Officials Announce New Party

A group of former Democratic and Republican officials is forming a new centrist party under the name Forward, looking to give voters another choice during a time when confidence in the direction of the country is at an all-time low. Read more ...

Andrew Yang Announces Forward Party At FreedomFest

Andrew Yang with Larry Sharpe, photo by Joe Buchman

An article by Brittany Sheehan, published by Red State Media, titled “FreedomFest ’22: Andrew Yang Announces Forward Party and ‘Final 5’ Voting Reforms”, reports that, “As a former presidential and mayoral candidate who ran as Democrat before breaking up with the party, Yang’s inclusion as a speaker raised some eyebrows among attendees.… Read more ...

Former Democratic Rep Starts Independents Movement

Dan Lipinski, a former Democratic congressman from Illinois, is set to qualify for the ballot as an independent even though he has no plans of running. 

Lipinski made the announcement on his personal Twitter account earlier this week, saying that volunteers amassed over the necessary number of signatures.Read more ...