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Posts tagged as “approval voting”

Bill to adopt approval voting introduced in NH State House

From, H/T to Dale Sheldon-Hess (excerpt of the bill’s actual text below):

A bill to adopt approval voting has been filed in the N.H. House, and one of the co-sponsors is a member of the relevant committee. The bill would establish approval voting for all state offices and presidential primaries.

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Colorado Libertarians Make the Case for Approval Voting

Colorado Libertarians are among the most vocal proponents of approval and score voting in the United States.  At the Blue Carp blog, David K. Williams, Jr., the State Chairman for the Libertarian Party of Colorado, often advocates the implementation of approval voting as superior to both instant run-off and plurality. 

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Colorado Libertarian Candidate for Governor: “We all win by implementing approval voting”

From Third Party and Independent Daily:

Jaimes Brown is the Libertarian candidate for governor of Colorado. He is an outspoken advocate of electoral and political reform, and one of the few candidates for elected office who calls for the implementation of approval voting in the United States.

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