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San Francisco Libertarian Activist Starchild at Protest of Solidarity with the People of Egypt

San Francisco Libertarian Activist Starchild attended a protest of solidarity with the people of Egypt. The protest took place Saturday, February 5, and took place at United Nations Plaza in San Francisco. Starchild’s rough estimate is perhaps three or four hundred people were present. Starchild writes:

I encourage people to get these and similar images up on as many Libertarian and libertarian sites as possible, including LP.org,

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Freedom Socialist Party: U.S. Hands Off the Arab Revolution

Statement by the Freedom Socialist Party
February 2, 2011

Since January 25, the streets of Cairo, Alexandria and Suez have been
occupied by ever-growing crowds of protesters demanding the end to the
despotic 30-year regime of U.S-backed Hosni Mubarak in Egypt. Fed up
with repression, political corruption, high unemployment and rising food
prices, Egyptian students, unemployed youth, workers, and women are
facing down police (in and out of uniform) and trying to win rank-and-file
soldiers to their side.… Read more ...