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Posts tagged as “arizona libertarians”

David Nolan at Libertarian Party blog: ‘An evening with JD Hayworth’

David Nolan at Libertarian Party blog:

David Nolan cactusLast night I attended a rally for J.D. Hayworth, the right-wing Republican challenger to John McCain. I did so only because I was invited by his Southern Arizona Coordinator, and I wanted to see what kind of support he’s drawing, what their issues are, and so forth.Read more ...

Arizona: Gubernatorial Candidates Cry ‘Foul’ on Citizen’s Clean Elections Commission

Emailed to

For Immediate Release: Phoenix AZ, August 3, 2010: 3 candidates in the Arizona governor’s race charge that the CCEC does not adhere to its publically groomed image of “champion of the little guy” and “leveler of the playing field”.… Read more ...

Boston Tea Party endorses Libertarian Barry Hess for Governor: “Restoring Freedom for Arizonans”

Emailed to by Darryl Perry, Boston Tea Party National Committee Chair. Barry Hess is seeking the Libertarian Party nomination for Governor of Arizona and has run for office several times as a Libertarian.

By a vote of 5-1 (with 1 not voting) the Boston Tea Party National
Committee endorsed Libertarian Barry Hess for Governor of Arizona.… Read more ...

Libertarian David Nolan, Green Jerry Joslyn interviewed about U.S. Senate bid in Arizona

Posted by David Nolan at LP blog:

Nolan interviewed about U.S. Senate bid

On Thursday, July 22 I was interviewed, along with the Green candidate for U.S. Senate (Jerry Joslyn -p), by Bill Buckmaster at KUAT-TV in Tucson. The interview is approximately 20 minutes long, and I thought it went well.… Read more ...