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Should Arlen Specter Have Switched to Independent Instead of Democrat?

Arlen Specter is a sitting U.S. Senator who, last year, switched from the Republican Party to the Democratic Party after polls showed him trailing his primary opponent. Now polls show him trailing his Democratic primary opponent. Slate recently published an interesting article concerning whether it would have been better for Specter to run as an Independent.… Read more ...

Could Public Funding of Congressional Candidates Help Independent/Third Party Candidates?

The following story at Ballot Access News describes a bill that is expected to be introduced within the week, and reflects on the possible impact for independent and third party candidates.

from Ballot Access News
Public Funding of Congressional Candidates
March 24th, 2009

A bill will be introduced in Congress within a week to provide for public funding for candidates for Congress, according to this Washington Post story of March 23.

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