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31 Libertarians on Travis County, Texas ballot in November 2012


September 7, 2012

31 Libertarians on Travis County ballot in November 2012

Arthur DiBianca

AUSTIN – Travis County voters will have 31 Libertarian candidates among their options on November 6, 2012.

Travis County Libertarian Party treasurer Arthur DiBianca commented, “As far as we know, there will be more Libertarians on the ballot in Travis County than any other county in America.”… Read more ...

Wes Benedict, Art DiBianca Start Libertarian Action Super PAC

Via Ballot Access News:

Wes Benedict and Arthur DiBianca, two Texas Libertarians, have founded the “Libertarian Action Super PAC”, also known as LASPAC. It has already received $100,000 in contributions, and plans to make independent expenditures to promote the Libertarian presidential ticket. Donations to such committees are unlimited, as long as the committee does not coordinate with the candidate.

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Travis County Libertarian Party Gets Press in Opposition to Smoking Ban

Arthur DiBianca, whom I believe is a reader of IPR, was cited in the International Herald Tribune as being part of a group that was holding a rally in opposition to anti-smoking bills in the Texas legislature.

The bill has met resistance from civil libertarians and some restaurant and bar owners who worry their business will suffer.

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How did IPR contributors and readers do on election day?

IPR founder GE shared 23,740 votes with 16 others in a slate of presidential electors pledged to Bob Barr, .4% of the vote.

Contributor Paulie Cannoli shared 4,983 votes with 8 other Alabama presidential electors pledged to Bob Barr, .2%.

Contributor Tom Knapp took 8,576 votes in Missouri’s 2nd congressional district, for 2.3%.… Read more ...