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Posts tagged as “Arthur Torrey”

LP of Mass. elector withdraws support for substitution, could cost Barr ballot access

From Arthur Torrey, anti-Barr Libertarian presidential elector who, until today, said he would go along with “substitution” in Massachusetts, where signatures were collected in George Phillies’s name:

I have sent the following message to the Mass. Secretary of States Office and the attorneys representing our side in the litigation concerning the substitution of Barr/Root for Phillies / Bennet.… Read more ...

Barr campaign responds to threat; requests Keaton be kept on LNC

To thwart efforts by a cabal within the LNC to remove at-large rep. Angela Keaton from her duly elected post, renegade Massachusetts Barr-elector Arthur Torrey, who has already stated publicly he will not vote for Barr “should he win the state of Massachusetts,” said he would not support the substitution of Barr’s name for Phillies’s name on the Massachusetts ballot should Keaton be kicked off the LNC.… Read more ...

Mass. LP elector won’t vote for Barr; speaks out

From Arthur Torrey, Libertarian Party of Massachusetts Operations Facilitator:

As perhaps the only potential elector who has clearly and distinctly stated that he could not cast an electoral vote for Barr in the admittedly unlikely event that I was called on to serve, I’m finding that a certain amount of heat has been falling upon me, while others are responding positively to my comments about Barr’s unsuitability for the LP Presidential nomination.… Read more ...