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Green Party of Canada: Attack of the Attack Ads

Peter Tretter at Green Party Watch:

So the Green Party of Canada has been in the media lately lamenting attack ads and how they affect democracy. Today the party came out with its own attack ad — attacking attack ads, LOL. Check it out:

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Liberty Point: Win or lose, Libertarians make a difference

Brian Irving at Liberty Point:

North Carolina’s Libertarian candidates are optimistic that regardless of the outcome of Tuesday’s election, their campaigns have made a difference. They are optimistic because of the reaction they’ve received from voters unhappy with the two major parties.

“Voters are quite polarized this year, so my results are going to depend on turnout of unaffiliated and disenchanted Republican voters, plus a low Democrat turnout,” said Lon Cecil, candidate for U.S.… Read more ...

An Open Letter from Heather Redlich to Roger Stone

Posted on the campaign website of Warren Redlich, Libertarian for Governor of New York:

You have told terrible lies about my husband. You have hurt me and my family. I have suffered anxiety and heartache. You have made me fear for the safety of my children in our own home.

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Stone-Connected Mailer Attacks Warren Redlich

This may be one of the most vicious attack ads of the season.

redlich mailer.jpg

The NY Daily News reports:

This grossly false and damaging flier, accusing Libertarian gubernatorial candidate Warren Redlich of being a dangerous “sexual predator” and credited to “People For A Safer New York,” is being circulated in the Capitol Region and perhaps beyond.

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MA: Republican Anti-Independent Attack Ads Appear to Boost Incumbent Democrat

From Poli-Tea:

The other day, I noted that the Democratic Governors Association and Republican Governors Association had launched web and television-based campaigns targeting independent gubernatorial candidates in Rhode Island (Lincoln Chafee) and Massachusetts (Tim Cahill), respectively. There has been significant fallout from the RGA’s efforts in the Bay State.

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Chris Daggett: Mystery spoiler

A game of political hot potato is going on in New Jersey between the two major party gubernatorial candidates, with independent Chris Daggett playing the part of the potato.  Originally seen as a “spoiler” candidate who would appeal to voters who typically favor Republicans, an endorsement from the Sierra Club is changing that.… Read more ...

Independent Krikorian defends his Armenian roots, issues harsh criticism of opponent

Independent candidate for Congress David Krikorian, in Ohio’s second district, today called for the withdrawal of his Republican opponent from the race. He did it because of her “denial of the Armenian Genocide.”

The Krikorian campaign is currently circulating this flier:

The press release is posted below:

David Krikorian’s Letter Regarding the Armenian Genocide

Letter – November 2, 2008.

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Write-in candidate for Maine Senate seat challenges opponents to a debate

“It is time for candidates to debate the most pressing issues affecting this nation and not focus on ‘Swift Boat’ propoganda,” says Herbert Hoffman, independent candidate for US Senate. The statement comes in response to a series of attack ads on the incumbent, Susan Collins, and her Democratic challenger, Tom Allen.… Read more ...