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Update: Small Changes Now, Big Plans for IPR’s Future

I was pleased to share yesterday that, as of a couple days ago, I am taking over as the new owner and publisher of Independent Political Report. Today I want to fill everyone in on my plans for the site and share some other background information.


In the short-term, very little is going to change.… Read more ...

Announcement: IPR is Under New Ownership

Greetings!  My name is Austin Cassidy and I am the new owner of Independent Political Report.

A few of you may remember me as the guy who founded a blog called Third Party Watch back in 2005 and who subsequently sold that site several years later. That sale, for a variety of complicated reasons, would eventually lead to the creation of IPR back in 2008.… Read more ...

The fate of New York’s cross-endorsing parties

Austin Cassidy reports at Uncovered Politics that the New York Taxpayers Party will probably not qualify for a ballot line:

In New York, which allows fusion, it seems that finding statewide results broken down by party is nearly impossible. The state’s Board of Elections certainly doesn’t do it. Their idea of election night reporting is a letter explaining why they won’t bother, because it’s very hard to collect such information and report it.

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Charlie Crist update

From http://www.uncoveredpolitics.com/:

Charlie Crist: Ninth on the Ballot, First in Your Heart? by Austin Cassidy:

Charlie Crist supporters will need to do a little extra digging on Tuesday when they head to the polls. Normally, Crist’s name would appear first or second on the ballot as the nominee for the Republican Party.

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The Return of Daniel Imperato

Readers who have been around since the 2008 election may remember our occasional reporting on Daniel Imperato, who tried to attain the nominations of several nationally organized parties, including the Libertarian Party and Constitution Party. Now Publisher Emeritus Austin Cassidy reports that Imperato is running for Governor of Florida.

Daniel Imperato has filed to run for Governor of Florida as a candidate with No Party Affiliation.Some

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Austin Cassidy: Charlie Crist’s Best Chance is to Become an ‘Independent Republican’

Excerpted from an editorial in the Jacksonville, Florida Observer by former IPR editor Austin Cassidy:

Charlie Crist made a difficult decision earlier today when he vetoed Senate Bill 6, the Republican-backed measure that would have tied student performance to teacher pay.

The driving force behind the bill was State Senator John Trasher, who serves double-duty as Chairman of the Florida GOP.

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Darcy Richardson interviewed by Austin Cassidy

IPR’s very own Darcy Richardson was recently interviewed by Austin Cassidy, IPR’s original owner.  The subject was independent and third party politics in America.  In addition to being an IPR editor, Mr. Richardson is a historian and has written half a dozen books on the history of third parties in the United States. … Read more ...

Socialists Brian Moore and Stewart Alexander send their thanks

Ed, Art, Socialist Party Members, Family and Friends:

No, it is Stewart and I who wish to thank all of the SP members, friends, family and volunteers who worked so hard, and gave of themselves so generously in our 2008 campaign.

A special thanks goes out to Matt Erard, our National Ballot Access Coordinator, for his diligent, effective and smart efforts in helping us qualify on eight state ballots and 22 others as official “Write-In”
candidates.… Read more ...

Austin Cassidy to replace ‘G.E.’ as editor-in-chief of IPR, effective immediately

In an effort to streamline my life and pursue other goals, I have decided to step down as editor-in-chief of IPR and turn the reins over to the best man possible, Austin Cassidy, the original founder of Third Party Watch.

Two factors influenced my decision to step down: (1) A general loss of interest in third-party politics and electoral politics in general, and (2) the time-consuming nature of IPR (and politics in general) in relation to my other priorities in life: my work and my family.… Read more ...

What is wrong with Third-Party Watch?

Since IPR’s inception, Third-Party Watch has linked to several of our stories — usually crediting them to Austin Cassidy, whether he wrote them or not. But recently, at least one TPW author has begun copying IPR content and reposting it as his own.

Take for example: Bob Barr contradicts LP: Government ‘has to do something’ to bail out Fannie/Freddie on TPW.… Read more ...

Austin Cassidy cited in The Hill’s article on third-party candidates

“Dr. Death, Jesse the Body and the Peace Mom. Oh, my,” begins “Characters provide 3rd option“, an article published today in The Hill. “A colorful cast of characters is lining up for third-party congressional bids this cycle, and it’s begun to make noise in some of the top races in the country.”… Read more ...

TPW founder Austin Cassidy joins IPR in senior role

Third Party Watch founder Austin Cassidy has agreed to join Independent Political Report as Publisher and Managing Partner. Says Mr. Cassidy:

I started Third Party Watch because I thought there was a need for a largely objective news source that covered the so called “periphery” of American politics. The site was successful, but I think the need still exists today and that’s why I’m really excited to be playing a role in creating the new Independent Political Report.

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