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Jason Stapleton: Discussion on Libertarian Party, Presidential Candidate Austin Petersen, and the NAP


On today’s Jason Stapleton Show he covered these topics (show link for his page with the audio can be found here). The part of the show after the break deals with some criticisms of the Libertarian Party, analysis of Austin’s Petersen’s objectives, and a defense of the NAP. Here are the show notes:

So, it would appear we’ve got a little libertarian standoff going on in the Oregon Wildlife Refuge.

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Caryn Ann Harlos: Six Reasons Why Austin Petersen Rejects the Libertarian Party

Caryn Ann Harlos is Social Media Chair of the Libertarian Party of Colorado. She also is a writer and frequent commenter here at IPR.

In this video, Caryn is speaking for herself, not as a representative of the LP of CO. … Read more ...

Ryan Griggs – The Anti-Libertarian Republic: Austin Petersen Rejects Individualism

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The Anti-Libertarian Republic: Austin Petersen Rejects Individualism

By Ryan Griggs
June 1. 2015

Austin Petersen was a guest on the Tom Woods Show on June 1, 2015. Viewed by many as a libertarian, Petersen’s statements are an affront to libertarianism properly considered as an application of the Non-Aggression Principle to human relations.… Read more ...

Austin Petersen declares for the Libertarian Party 2016 presidential nomination


Austin Petersen declared for the Libertarian Party presidential nomination today (September 3) on his Facebook page. See also his Twitter @the_producer14.

Announcing his run (link to post):

As of today I have submitted my application to run for President of the United States on the ticket of the Libertarian Party.

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Gary Johnson To Speak At Georgia Tea Party Patriots Liberty Convention on Saturday


Contact: Joe Hunter


Santa Fe, NM, June 28, 2013 — Former New Mexico Governor and 2012 presidential candidate Gary Johnson will speak Saturday, June 29, at the Athens-Clarke County Tea Party Patriots Liberty Convention in Athens, Georgia.… Read more ...

Ferguson leaves post as Libertarian Party Communications Director

Donny Ferguson has left his position as Director of Communications for the national Libertarian Party after eight months. This is the latest big staff change for the LP this summer, following the arrival of new Executive Director Wes Benedict and the departure of Director of Outreach and Affiliate Relations Austin Petersen to take a post at the Atlas Economic Research Foundation.… Read more ...

Austin Petersen: ‘My Goodbye Letter to the Libertarian Party’

Posted at LP blog

By: Austin Petersen

A little over two years ago I stood in a crowded nightclub surrounded by screaming New Yorkers watching millions of dollars pour into the campaign coffers of Congressman Ron Paul. It was December 16th, the night of the first real Tea Party. As the deafening crowd roared their approval, I stood back with my video camera taping the events so that I could show the world what happened there.… Read more ...

The Libertarian Party at Freedom Fest Las Vegas

Posted by Austin Petersen at LP.org

        Freedom Fest 2009 in Las Vegas was a great outreach event for the Libertarian National Committee. The local Libertarian Party affiliate of Nevada is owed a special debt of gratitude, specifically Nathan Santucci, Debra Dedmon, and Kris McKinster. We received dozens of inquiries and passed out tons of flyers, buttons, and LP bags to attendees who wore our logo proudly during the event.… Read more ...

Libertarian Party Interns on The Hill

Posted by Austin Petersen at LP.org

          The LP National internship program had an exciting week with outreach at several events around town including the National Taxpayers Union Conference, and Capital Pride. Interns have moved from all over the country to intern at the LP and participate in these events. While mostly focused on local events, they are also providing valuable services to state affiliates who need help with research, and creating flyers and pamphlets for outreach.… Read more ...