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Austin Peterson Deconstructs His LP POTUS Campaign

CAM01063-1 In a speech earlier today at FreedomFest, Austin Peterson deconstructed his 2016 run for the Libertarian Party’s POTUS nomination, outlined his plans for the future, and answered questions from the audience.  What follows is a partial transcript of the highlights. Audio of the entire presentation can be downloaded ($5) HERE.… Read more ...

Austin Petersen Will Announce His Candidacy for President Tonight on the John Stossel Show

Austin Peterson

The Raymore Journal
September 25, 2015

Down to earth, literally a meat and potatoes kind of guy, Austin Petersen, a 1999 graduate of Ray-Pec, will officially announce his run for the Presidency of the United States tonight on John Stossel’s program that will air at 7 PM on Fox Business news.… Read more ...