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Presidential Straw Poll at CA LP Convention Shows Johnson as Winner, McAfee in Second Place

straw poll

There was a straw poll taken at the end of the Libertarian Party of California’s convention yesterday at a Hilton by the Los Angeles airport. This is following a debate among ten of the candidates the previous evening. Here are the results:

Gary Johnson 19 votes
John McAfee 9 votes
Vermin Supreme 7 votes
Austin Petersen 5 votes
Kevin McCormick 2 votes
Darryl Perry 2 votes
Marc Feldman 1 vote
Joy Waymire 1 vote
Sam Sloan 1 vote
NOTA (None of the Above) 1 vote

Candidates in attendance for the debate were, in alphabetical order: Marc Allan Feldman, Gary Johnson, John McAfee, Kevin McCormick, Austin Wade Petersen, Derrick Michael Reid, Rhett Smith, Sam Sloan, Joy Waymire, and Heidi Zeman.… Read more ...

Andy Craig: ‘Internet Troll Runs for President: The Sad, Strange Campaign of Austin Petersen’


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March 27, 2016
By Andy Craig

One of the things Libertarians pride themselves on is that our nomination is a competitive and open process. Literally anybody can run for President, so long as they’re constitutionally eligible and a member of the party.… Read more ...

Interview with Austin Petersen, Candidate for the Libertarian Party’s Presidential Nomination


Austin Petersen and I corresponded through email. Most of the questions were submitted by IPR readers, or Libertarians on a couple Facebook questions.

Do you agree with Gary Johnson that Sharia Law and terrorism from extremist Muslims is a worrisome threat to our country?… Read more ...