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Australian Sex Party wants relaxed Queensland liquor laws

Australian Sex Party:

Queensland’s hotels and clubs have one political candidate on their side when it comes to debate on their trading hours.

Sex Party member Rory Killen, who is running against LNP leader Campbell Newman and sitting Labor MP Kate Jones in the Brisbane seat of Ashgrove, says liquor laws should be relaxed.… Read more ...

Australian Sex Party lasts for a year and keeps going

Email from Australian Sex Party to supporters:

Yesterday the Australian Sex Party turned one! Yes it’s been a year since we got registered with the Australian Electoral Commission.

To be honest, we were all so busy on our election campaign we almost forgot. It wasn’t until our Sex Party agent sent through an email reminding us of the occasion that we all took a moment from our frantic activities and collectively said “Wow, It’s been a year already?!”… Read more ...

The Great Debate: Australia Sex Party vs. Family First

From the Australian Sex Party newsletter:

Sex Party welcomes national sex and morality debate with Family First: “We’re Ready When You Are!”

Appearing on national television Thursday morning for a panel discussion regarding the sexual politics of the upcoming federal election, Australian Sex Party President and Victorian Senate Candidate Fiona Patten welcomed the idea of a debate with Family First Senator Steven Fielding, on the social and moral issues which are being increasingly ignored by the major parties in the lead-up to polling day.… Read more ...

Australian Sex Party: ‘We Want You!’

Via email to supporters:

Dear Sex Party Friends,

Can you help us out on election day – August 21? We need volunteers to hand out Australian Sex Party ‘How To Vote’ cards on as many polling booths as possible.

The reason behind this is really simple:
Polling Booth + ASP Volunteer in bright ‘Vote 1 Sex’ T-shirt = MORE VOTES!… Read more ...

Australian Sex Party Update: Valentine Special; Sex Party Denies Involvement in Cyber Attacks

Email from the Australian Sex Party:

We love Valentine’s day – not the teddy bear laden, hallmark holiday that it has become, but the very sexy Valentines day it originally was. It started off in ancient Rome as a three day pagan fertility festival. Young men would strip naked and caress and spank the bottoms of willing women in order to improve fertility.… Read more ...

The Australian Sex Party’s Fiona Patten Detained by Victorian Police

By Sean Nicholls & Leesha McKenny

WHAT HAVE WE HERE?The Australian Sex Party’s candidate in the Higgins byelection on Saturday, Fiona Patten, may lodge an official complaint with the Australian Electoral Commission after she was detained by Victorian police on the morning of the poll. Patten gained an impressive 3.27 per cent of the vote but had a hard time convincing local police that she was a candidate.… Read more ...

Angry Australian Sex Party Features in Local, National & International Magazines

From the latest email update from the ASP:

Sex Party Angry Over Liberal’s Deceits

Fiona Patten….angry that the Lib’s future Housing Minister is making
their porn policies.

Why is the Liberal Party’s Shadow Minister for Housing making statements and preparing legislation on censorship while his colleague, the Shadow Attorney General, remains silent?… Read more ...

Australia: Sex Party Could Be New Senate Powerbroker

Written by Staff Writers | Canberra Times

It’s quite likely that after the next federal elections the Senate will have representatives of a new minor party, the Australian Sex Party, but with every likelihood that the impact on government policy won’t be minor.

Minor parties have been characteristic of Australian politics for more than 50 years, ever since Bob Santamaria’s endeavors to take control of the ALP were thwarted by the ALP leader, Doc Evatt.… Read more ...

Australian Sex Party ‘comes of age,’ gets registered by the government

Email from the Australian Sex Party:

Well its official. We are now a registered political party, entitled to take our place on the ballot paper up there with the big boys and also eligible for public funding of our election campaigns should we get more than four per cent of the primary vote.… Read more ...

Australian Green Senator Sarah Hanson-Young introduces gay marriage bill

from a June 30 bulletin from the Australian Sex Party


Same-sex couples will be allowed to marry if a Bill introduced in the Federal Parliament is passed.

Greens senator Sarah Hanson-Young introduced her private member’s Bill, proposing to grant gay couples equal marriage rights, into the Upper House on Wednesday.

The Bill seeks to remove all discrimination based on sexuality and gender from the Marriage Act.… Read more ...

Australian Sex Party: ‘We’re winning’

In the latest issue of Australian Sex Party News, Fiona Patten writes

It would seem that the government is starting to listen to your Sex Party’s agenda. Since we launched our policy suite a few months ago, the federal government has already addressed two of them. They have removed bans on overseas aid to countrys who include abortion in their birth control programs.

Read more ...