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Judd Weiss Deconstructs Influence of Burning Man on 2016 McAfee Campaign

Former candidate for the 2016 Libertarian vice-presidential nomination Judd Weiss appeared on a 2018 FreedomFest panel titled, ”Burning Man and Libertarianism.” He was joined by Grover Norquist, President of Americans for Tax reform; Rebecca Gasca, Burning Man Ambassador; and Avens O’Brien, Chapter Leader of Ladies of Liberty Alliance.

A partial transcript of his comments follows.… Read more ...

The Freenauts Release a Song and Video Called “Third Party Girl”

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Johnson-Weld is Not a Perfect Ticket, But I’m Still Supporting the Libertarian Party


The Libertarian Party Has Nominated Johnson-Weld — What Next?

By Avens O’Brien
June 1, 2016

On Sunday, the Libertarian Party selected its ticket. Governor Gary Johnson as their presidential nominee, and Governor William Weld as their vice presidential nominee. I was there, and yes, I was on a different “team.” I watched both win on the second ballot, but not by large margins.… Read more ...

Avens O’Brien: Second Generation Libertarian Speaks Out About Growing Up Libertarian, Leaving the Party, and Coming Back


Posted to The Libertarian Republic

This article is being posted in its entirety by permission from the author.  This is the text of her speech at the Libertarian Party of MN’s convention.

April 19, 2016

Second Generation Libertarian Speaks Out About Growing Up Libertarian, Leaving the Party, and Coming Back

by Avens O’Brien

I had the distinct pleasure of speaking to the Libertarian Party of Minnesota‘s state convention this past weekend.… Read more ...

Avens O’Brien: Seriously, Where Are All the Libertarian Women?

lp women
Photo by Judd Weiss

Posted to Libertarian Republic

By Avens O’Brien

There are two questions I find most often asked pertaining to libertarianism. The first is, “who will build the roads?” The second is, “why aren’t there more libertarian women?”

The question of women in the liberty movement feels like an annual resurgence—last summer the question was publicly raised again after an article about how Rand Paul was not polling well with women, allegedly due to his libertarian streak.… Read more ...

Avens O’Brien: Libertarians Are Obsessed With Pot. You Should Be Too. Here’s Why…

Avens O'Brien and Ann CoulterPhoto by Judd Weiss

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Libertarians Are Obsessed With Pot. You Should Be Too. Here’s Why…

by Avens O’Brien
March 18, 2015

Cannabis is in the air – or in the news a lot lately, as states continue to legalize, decriminalize and medicinalize the plant.

Last week, Senators Cory Booker, Rand Paul, and Kirsten Gillbrand introduced the first-ever bill in the US Senate to legalize cannabis for medical use.Read more ...