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AZ Libertarian Candidate for Congress “Adamantly Opposed” to New Immigration Law

Nick Coons is a Libertarian candidate for Congress in Arizona’s 5th Congressional District.  Queried via email as to his stance on Arizona’s new immigration enforcement law, Mr. Coons writes that the law “doesn’t address the problem, which is the lack of a reasonable* legal immigration process,” and emphasizes that it may put “US Citizens in quite awkward positions.”… Read more ...

AZ Candidates for Libertarian Nomination for Governor Diverge on Issue of Immigration Reform

While Libertarian Tea Party candidate for governor of Arizona Bruce Olson has come out strongly in favor of the state’s new immigration enforcement regime, another Libertarian hopeful likely stands strongly against the measure.  On the issue of immigration, Libertarian Mike Ross writes:

The government doesn’t have any business telling people where they can work or live.

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AZ Candidate for Libertarian Nomination for Governor Applauds New Immigration Measure

Libertarian candidate for governor of Arizona, Bruce Olson, writes at his blog, the Arizona Sentinel, that Arizona has “made history”:

Well, Governor Brewer  , your making it tough to run against ya.  Im proud to call you Governor.  This will be the first step ,  other states must follow suit. 

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