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Ohio Senate Passes Bill Designed to Give Ohio a Constitutional Ballot Access Law for Minor Parties

From an article published on BallotAccess.org on June 24th, 2011:

On June 23, the Ohio Senate passed HB 194, the Secretary of State’s omnibus election law bill. As mentioned earlier, it moves the primary in presidential years from March to May, and it moves the petition deadline for new party petitions from 120 days before the primary to 90 days before the primary.

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Ballot Access News: Nevada Bill Passes, Eliminates the Easy Method for a New Party to Qualify for the Ballot

From an article posted on June 9, 201, on BallotAccess.org:

On May 30, the Nevada legislature passed AB 81. It injures major political parties, new political parties, and independent voters. The bill passed the Senate by a vote of 11-10, with all Democrats voting “yes” and all Republicans voting “no.”

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UPDATED: Ohio: General Assembly violates US Constitution

UPDATE: Added explanatory material:

The Ohio House passed a version that would require petitioning at 1% of the most recent vote for governor or president to be submitted by 90 days before a primary election.  The Ohio Senate passed a version that would require petitioning at 1/4% of the most recent vote for governor or president to be submitted by 100 days before a primary election and an additional 1/4% by 90 days before a primary election.

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Free & Equal: Illinois legislators face two paths regarding independent voters



Two bills before the Illinois legislature offer a stark contrast for reform. One would open up the ballot to more competition, while the other would restrict the right to run for office, for people who vote in a party primary.

HB 2009 is a bill which would make it illegal to run for office as an independent candidate, if a person votes in a party primary.… Read more ...

Alabama Ballot Access Bill Has Hearing Today

Ballot Access News:

The Alabama Senate Constitution, Campaign Finance, Ethics & Elections Committee will hear SB 17 on March 8, Tuesday. This is the bill by Senator Cam Ward to lower the number of signatures for independent candidates (for office other than President) from 3% of the last gubernatorial vote, to 1.5%.… Read more ...

[Libertarian Party blog] KFOR-TV: Oklahoma Libertarians lobby for ballot access bill

LP blog:

Oklahoma is known for having some of the most difficult ballot access laws in the U.S. Angelia O’Dell, chair of the Oklahoma Libertarian Party, also chairs Oklahomans for Ballot Access Reform (OBAR), a coalition trying to lower Oklahoma’s extremely high ballot access hurdles.

Below, Oklahoma City’s KFOR-TV covered several Libertarians at a recent OBAR protest at the state capitol.… Read more ...