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Rhode Island Libertarians Will Challenge Ballot Access Denial

The Rhode Island Libertarian Party issued a press release last week announcing their intention to challenge the state’s denial of ballot placement to Elijah Gizzarelli and Corey Vechhiarino, two of the party’s endorsed candidates for office.

Elijah Gizzarelli is running for governor and formerly served as the Region 2 Field Director for the 2020 Jo Jorgensen presidential campaign.… Read more ...

Pennsylvania: Libertarian and Green Parties slam GOP Judicial Choice

News Release

For Immediate Release – May 19, 2011 &

Contact: Lou Jasikoff at or 570-677-2607
Carl Romanelli at

Libertarian and Green Parties slam GOP Judicial Choice
“Stabile not deserving for Superior Court Judge”

Wilkes-Barre, PA—Pennsylvania Libertarian Party chair Lou Jasikoff declared the GOP’s choice for Superior Court Judge as nothing short of shameful.… Read more ...