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AP: ‘Third party challenges in NJ, NY are warning sign’

In an article today, the Associated Press is speculating about third parties’ near-term future in this country, based on strong candidacies this year:

Third party candidates could upend two major races in elections Tuesday, and the success of those candidacies is a warning shot fired at both major parties by voters angry at government and disillusioned by politics as usual…

But the impact of those candidacies on the high-profile contests points to an anti-incumbent, anti-establishment sentiment that could be a prevailing theme in the 2010 congressional elections and beyond.

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Another independent in the NJ gubernatorial race polls 12%

From PolitickerNJ:

Relishing a Fairleigh Dickinson University poll this morning that shows him at 12% when Chris Daggett’s name is removed from a sample ballot and substituted with the name of another independent, indie candidate Gary Steele took the swap-inĀ free advertĀ as a boost to his long-long-long-shot campaign for governor.

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