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Portland, ME Green Party announces ballot initiative campaign for $15/hour minimum wage

From the Portland Press Herald:

Portland Greens, meanwhile, are “dismayed” that Brennan’s proposed minimum wage would still make it difficult for people to afford to live in Portland, according to a press release.

The Greens are seeking to establish a so-called living wage of $15 an hour through a citywide referendum.

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Peace and Freedom Party says “NO” to all ballot measures in special election

On May 19, California will be having a special election with only budget-related ballot propositions, in response to the ongoing budget trouble in that state.  The Peace and Freedom Party has come out against all six propositions.

From the California Chronicle:

The first proposition, 1-A, had already been opposed by the State Central Committee at the end of February.

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Even while third parties lag, election reform initiatives have a good Election Day

From CommonDreams.org:

Electoral Reform on the Ballot: Wins for Instant

Runoff Voting and More

by Rob Richie

2008 was historic in terms of the election of the first African American to be president and the largest number of voters at the polls in our history. But in the modern era, there is no excuse for privately-owned voting machines that breed mistrust, confusing ballot designs, polling places with long lines, voter registration laws that leave nearly a third of Americans off the rolls, an Electoral College system that undercuts equality and voting methods that suppress voter choice and stifle fair representation.

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