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Posts tagged as “Barry Hess”

Third Party Candidates Participate in Arizona Gubernatorial Forum

(The following was originally published in AZCentral.)

With less than two months until early voting begins for the Aug. 26 primary election, Arizona’s gubernatorial candidates are working to distinguish themselves.

Nine candidates participated Friday in a forum hosted by The Arizona We Want Institute.… Read more ...

Some Arizona Republican Legislators Admit They Passed Election Restriction to Keep Libertarians Off Ballot

From Ballot Access News, June 19th:

The East Valley Tribune, which covers the eastern Phoenix suburbs, has this article about HB 2305, an election law bill sitting on the Governor’s desk which makes it very difficult for members of small qualified parties to get on their own party primary ballots.… Read more ...

David Nolan: Three-minute statement to Arizona voters

David Nolan at Libertarian Party blog:

FOX-11 in Tucson ran this three-minute statement on Sunday; they offered every candidate for a major office the opportunity to do this, but surprisingly few took advantage of it! The media in Arizona give Libertarians better coverage than in most states, partly because we’ve earned it!… Read more ...

Arizona Libertarian Barry Hess: Please Help Us Take The Freedom Option to the Air(Waves)

Email from Barry Hess:

Dear Friends, Family and Supporters;

A MAJOR shift has occurred in the thinking of Arizonans in the final weeks of the campaign. 35% of the voters remain undecided and their hesitation seems to stem from their obvious displeasure with BOTH the Republicans and the Democrats.… Read more ...