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Sarah Palin Endorses Tom Tancredo

This is late breaking news. See the PPS:

First, I want to tell you the latest.  With one day to go we remain in a statistical dead heat with the tax and spend, pro-amnesty Hickenlooper.  It’s just remarkable!  Hickenlooper has spent over $4 million in his campaign and we just broke $1 million last week.… Read more ...

Tancredo ups pressure on Maes to quit Colorado governor’s race

Jessica Fender in the Denver Post:

Would-be governor Tom Tancredo and his surrogates have run a full-court press on GOP rival Dan Maes in recent weeks, snaking supporters out from under the struggling candidate and upping pressure for Maes to exit the three-way race.

With the former Republican congressman within single digits of Democrat John Hickenlooper in a few public polls, some of the pressure has been overt.… Read more ...

Tancredo Within One Point of Hickenlooper

This is from the VERY ACTIVE Tancredo campaign:

We are now within one point of Hickenlooper!

This is amazing news and I wanted you to have it as soon as possible.

The latest poll results are: 44%-Hickenlooper, 43%-Tancredo, 9%-Maes.

And we have all the momentum! After a year of campaigning and four million dollars, Hickenlooper just cannot move his poll numbers.… Read more ...

Tancredo Money Bomb Raises Over $125,000

This is an e-mail from the Tancredo campaign. It is from yesterday so the time references are for yesterday.

I have some incredible news: Our Road to Victory Money Bomb has raised over $125,000!

Thank you so much for your support.

I just got off the phone with Bay. While we didn’t meet her original goal, she is confident that we can still spread our message across this great state.… Read more ...

Update on Tancredo Money Bomb

The following is from the Tancredo campaign:

At midnight tonight, my Road to Victory Money Bomb comes to an end.

Tomorrow morning, my campaign manager – Bay Buchanan – will make our final media purchases.

My campaign a still far away from her original goal, but I have some wonderful news:

Due to a technical issue, the Money Bomb ticker did not count a large number of donations.… Read more ...

From Tancredo for Governor: “Fighting a Sanctuary City Mayor”

Bay Buchanan of Tancredo for Governor 2010 sends this along:

Tom Tancredo needs our help! And he needs it now!

As you probably know, Tom is running for Governor of Colorado against Denver’s Mayor John Hickenlooper.

Let me tell you something about Hickenlooper:

  • For seven years Hickenlooper has run a sanctuary city, which has encouraged hundreds of thousands of illegals to its city limits.
Read more ...

Bay Buchanan Passes this Along on Behalf of Tom Tancredo

I received the following message from Bay Buchanan who manages Tom Tancredo’s PAC.

Dear Conservative,

I’m not sure if you had a chance to read this important message from Tom Tancredo announcing his candidacy for Governor of Colorado.

If you haven’t done so already, would you please make a generous donation to his campaign?

Read more ...