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NE Pennsylvania Libertarians: Local Libertarians Elected to PA State LP Positions

News Release
For Immediate Release—May 11, 2011
NE Pennsylvania Libertarians

Contact: Lou Jasikoff at ljasikoff@gmail.com or Betsy Summers at betsy.summers@midwestvet.net

Jasikoff takes State Chair, Summers tapped for NEPA Chair

Wilkes-Barre, PA— At the annual state convention on April 30th in Franklin, the Libertarian Party of Pennsylvania elected a new slate of officers and adopted a new streamlined party platform.… Read more ...

Minor Party candidates in Pennsylvania

If you’re voting in Pennsylvania this November – or voting by absentee ballot for candidates in Pennsylvania – what are your minor party and independent options? I have tried my best to compile a list here. Feel free to point out what I’ve missed in the comments. Also, if you compose a list like this for your own state, I would be more than willing to post it.… Read more ...

Pennsylvania LP unveils state ticket

The Pennsylvania Libertarian Party “has rounded out its list of candidates for the top of the ticket in this year’s election,” and “substituted candidates for several who qualified for the ballot by the Aug. 8 deadline but later withdrew,” the AP reports. Green Party 2006 gubernatorial candidateMarakay Rogers is the LP candidate for attorney general, while Berlie Etzel is running for treasurer and Betsy Summers for auditor general.… Read more ...