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Former GOP Congressman Joe Scarborough, Now An Independent: ‘The Republican Party Cannot Be Saved’

Former Republican Congressman Joe Scarborough appeared on HBO’s Real Time with Bill Maher this week and confirmed that he is done with the Republican Party.

Maher opened the interview by confirming that Scarborough considers himself an independent, and that it is his view that the Republican Party is now beyond saving.… Read more ...

Bill Maher interviews Gary Johnson

Updated: On July 1st, 2016, Bill Maher, host of Real Time on HBO, interviewed Libertarian presidential nominee Gary Johnson. From the Asian Guy YouTube channel (video length: 7 & 1/2 minutes):

A brief description was provided a different YouTube channel that has since deleted their version of the video:

Real Time host Bill Maher had fun at Gary Johnson’s expense on Friday when the Libertarian presidential nominee tried to present his party’s views as hewing closer to the mainstream than Donald Trump’s.

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Darryl W. Perry: ‘Giving Libertarians a Bad Name’

By Darryl W. Perry at Free Press Publications:

It seems the past few years have seen an increase in the number of people calling themselves “libertarian.” Normally this would be excellent news for people who support a society in which the maximum role of civil government is the protection of life, liberty, and property.… Read more ...

Update on Candidates for the Green Party Presidential Nomination

Green Party Watch held a presidential poll with the following results:

1,792 votes cast, Jill Stein received 1,223 of them, or 68%. Roseanne Barr, who had just entered the race in the last week, picked up 526 votes, or 29%. There were 35 votes for Kent Mesplay, and 8 votes for Harley Mikkelson

GPW reports that Roseanne Barr is very active on Twitter, and had tweeted a challenge to Bill Maher, Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert to have both herself and Jill Stein on their programs.… Read more ...

Jesse Ventura on Bill Maher: ‘I refuse to vote Democrat or Republican’

Last night former Independence Party Governor of Minnesota Jesse Ventura made an appearance on Bill Maher’s show Real Time, which airs on HBO.  They talked about many topics, including Ventura’s refusal to support the two party system, electing independents, and “alternative voting,” which is more commonly known as instant runoff voting or ranked choice voting (they described it somewhat inaccurately, so go here for more info).… Read more ...

Green Party Watch: Get Rev. Billy on Bill Maher!

Posted by Dave Schwab at Green Party Watch:

In June, popular TV host Bill Maher asked, “Shouldn’t there be one party that unambiguously supports cutting the military budget, a party that is straight up in favor of gun control, gay marriage, higher taxes on the rich, universal health care — legalizing pot — and steep, direct taxing of polluters?…… Read more ...

Green Party to Bill Maher: “We’re Over Here”

h/t to Green Party Watch, where I borrowed the headline…

“America’s First Party”
An Open Letter to Bill Maher from the Green Party
July, 2009

Dear Mr. Maher,

We were thrilled to hear you talk about us when you discussed the need for a new party — a “first party” — during the June 19 broadcast of ‘Real Time.’… Read more ...

Independent Senator on Real Time with Bill Maher

Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont, an independent who is also closely associated with the Progressive Party, was on Bill Maher’s HBO show on Friday. He was on a panel with Maher, Martin Short, and Ben Affleck. A few clips of it are below.

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Ralph Nader to appear on Real Time with Bill Maher this Friday; has op-ed in USA Today

Independent candidate for president Ralph Nader will appear on comedian Bill Maher‘s show Real Time this Friday. The show is on HBO, and airs at 11 PM EST.

Nader also had an op-ed in today’s USA Today. It can be read below:

Opposing View

By Ralph Nader

Two decades ago, the Republicrats hijacked our presidential debates from the League of Women Voters and replaced the stewards of the one public debate that is watched by tens of millions with a two-party citadel run by a couple of party cronies.

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