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Posts tagged as “Bill Van Auken”

Socialist Equality Party revamps website

The Socialist Equality Party has redesigned and re-launched its party website as it kicks off its Jerome White/Bill Van Auken write-in campaign. An article on the party’s official news organ, the World Socialist Web Site, highlights some of the new portal’s features:

Between now and Election Day, the SEP will hold a number of meetings at locations across the United States and internationally.

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Socialist Equality Party: write-in Jerry White/Bill Van Auken

The Socialist Equality Party has made a statement today announcing its selection of former Presidential nominees Jerry White and Bill Van Auken as it’s 2008 ticket for the Presidency and Vice-Presidency, respectively. According the party’s official internet organ, the World Socialist Web Site:

White and Van Auken will explain that there is no solution to the crisis of American society within the framework of capitalism.

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