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American Third Party Report Interviews White Nationalist Billy Roper


From American Third Party Report

Billy Roper, a White Nationalist and briefly a candidate for the 2012 presidential nomination of the now-defunct Boston Tea Party, took some time to answer questions about his recent activities and his thoughts on 2016 American Freedom Party presidential nominee Bob Whitaker and the Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump.… Read more ...

Uncovered Politics profiles Billy Roper of the Nationalist Party

From former IPR editor Austin Cassidy, posting on the site he created with IPR writer Darcy Richardson, Uncovered Politics:

This week, we’re taking a look at Billy Roper.

This Mr. Roper doesn’t live downstairs and participate in wacky sit-com antics. No, he’s running as a write-in candidate for Governor of Arkansas this year and a candidate for President in 2012.

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