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Posts tagged as “Billy Wharton”

Billy Wharton Resigns from Editorial Board of Socialist Party USA’s Magazine

From, June 23, 2013:

The Socialist magazine announces the resignation of Billy Wharton from its Editorial Board. Billy Wharton’s contributions to the magazine, on behalf of the SPUSA, are incalculable. Outlining the many improvements — both editorial and operational — which Billy instituted, is not possible within this brief announcement.… Read more ...

Socialist Party USA: ‘Democracy in the Streets: Madison Mobilizes to Defeat the Anti-Labor Walker’

by Omar Mohamad, Socialist Party of South Central Wisconsin and Billy Wharton, co-chair Socialist Party USA:

The mass protests led by public employees unions in Madison, Wisconsin have been presented by some mainstream commentators as a labor’s last stand. They are not.… Read more ...