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Billy Wharton Resigns from Editorial Board of Socialist Party USA’s Magazine

From Socialistwebzine.blogspot.com, June 23, 2013:

The Socialist magazine announces the resignation of Billy Wharton from its Editorial Board. Billy Wharton’s contributions to the magazine, on behalf of the SPUSA, are incalculable. Outlining the many improvements — both editorial and operational — which Billy instituted, is not possible within this brief announcement.… Read more ...

Socialist Party USA: In Solidarity with the People of Japan

by Andrea Pason and Billy Wharton, co-chairs Socialist Party USA

March 15, 2011 – The Socialist Party USA extends its most sincere wishes of sympathy and solidarity to the people of Japan as they suffer from the greatest tragedy since World War II. We have watched in horror as the deadly Tsunami wiped out whole towns, killing tens of thousands of people.… Read more ...

Socialist Party USA: ‘Democracy in the Streets: Madison Mobilizes to Defeat the Anti-Labor Walker’

by Omar Mohamad, Socialist Party of South Central Wisconsin and Billy Wharton, co-chair Socialist Party USA:

The mass protests led by public employees unions in Madison, Wisconsin have been presented by some mainstream commentators as a labor’s last stand. They are not. They are a spark, a spark with the potential to create a new protest movement capable of revitalizing our unions, radicalizing student organizing and creating a space for democratic socialist politics.… Read more ...

Socialist Party USA response to the State of the Union

by SPUSA Co-Chair Billy Wharton

January 25, 2011

Tonight’s State of the Union speech revealed just how far out of touch President Barack Obama is from the reality of working people in America. What a distance from the White House to the unemployment line. From the Rose Garden to the food pantry.… Read more ...

Socialist Party USA’s Billy Wharton on the Paranoid Style and the Surveillance State

From Socialist Party USA co-chair Billy Wharton at the Examiner via Third Party and Independent Daily:

If there is a political crisis, there is an opportunity. Jared Lee Loughner’s attempted assassination of Representative Gabrielle Giffords in Arizona certainly created a crisis. The New York Police Department (NYPD) is now ready to cash in on the opportunity.… Read more ...

Socialist Webzine Interview with Cindy Sheehan

Interview with Cindy Sheehan by Billy Wharton at Socialist Webzine:

Cindy Sheehan is the most recognizable anti-war activist in the US today. Since her son Casey’s death in Iraq in 2004, she has thrown herself into anti-war organizing. One high point of her protests came in 2005 as she set up a Camp Casey across from the vacation ranch of then President George W.… Read more ...

Socialist Party Senatorial Candidate On Obama And Socialism

Dan La Botz is the Socialist Party of Ohio’s candidate for U.S. Senate in 2010. He was quoted in this article in the Cincinnati Enquirer discussing Obama and whether he is or is not a socialist.

Dan La Botz knows with certainty that President Barack Obama is no socialist.

He’s sure because he’s one himself, and finds little in common with the politics of the 44th president of the United States.

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Democratic Socialist Director: Sarah Palin More of a Socialist than Obama

via http://thirdpartydaily.blogspot.com/

by N.J. Beachum

In a statement that surprises absolutely no one who has any kind of grasp at all of what socialism actually means, the director of the Democratic Socialists of America stated that Obama, contrary to popular belief, is not a socialist – and that Sarah Palin is far more representative of his organization’s beliefs.… Read more ...

Socialist Party USA’s David McReynolds and Billy Wharton on the death of Howard Zinn

Socialist Webzine:

by David McReynolds
from Edge Left

I was at a meeting of the New York War Resisters League tonight when, mid-way through the meeting, Frida Berrigan broke into the agenda to say that she hated to relay the news, but she had just gotten text message that Howard Zinn, that great historian of the struggles of the American people, had died of a heart attack at 87.… Read more ...

Socialists make the NY Post – story and photo

Received this tip from David McReynolds, who has run for office as a Socialist and a Green. The NYC Local of the Socialist Party landed mainstream media coverage: a story and a photo in The NY Post.

(excerpt from) The NY Post
Black, White, Red All Over
Gotham’s Socialists Party Like It’s 1972

by Sara Stewart / April 16, 2009

… “Every human being has a right to health care,” says party member Zelig Stern.

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Conservatives and Socialists argue: Is Obama a socialist?

The latest volley between conservatives and socialists over whether or not President Obama is a socialist appeared in a March 14th opinion piece by Billy Wharton in the Washington Post. Billy Wharton is editor of the bimonthly publication, “The Socialist”, which is put out by Socialist Party USA. Wharton’s article examines Obama’s record, point-by-point, and determines, “Obama’s no socialist.… Read more ...