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Bruce Dixon: Black Leaders’ Complacency Led to Voting Rights Disaster

Bruce Dixon is a co-chair of the Georgia Green Party. The following article was linked on the front page of the Green Party website:

Did the Supreme Court kneecapping of the Voting Rights Act have to happen? Could black leadership have seen it coming and prevented it? Why didn’t they, and what can we do now?Read more ...

Bruce A. Dixon: ‘Medical Neglect Stalks Georgia Prisons’

Bruce A. Dixon is an editor of Black Agenda Report and a member of the Georgia Green Party’s State Committee.  The following is an excerpt of his most recent piece on Black Agenda Report:

On October 16, 2007 Arnold Porter went into full cardiac arrest. He died. His pulse and breathing stopped, he had to be brought back with a combination of electric shock and cardiopulmonary resuscitation.

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Bruce A. Dixon of ‘Black Agenda Report:’ Turn state Green parties into ‘red, black, and green parties’

Bruce A. Dixon – the “managing editor of Black Agenda Report, and a member since last year, of the state committee of the Georgia Green Party,” to which he adds, “Deal with it” – has written a piece in Black Agenda Report that proposes black activists leaving the Democratic Party and heading to the Green Party. … Read more ...

Green Party activist Ian Wilder comments on Kucinich and health care

My co-blogger, Ian Wilder, posted this at onthewilderside.com:

Is Kucinich just herding sheep to slaughter?

IW: While faux progressive sites like Daily Kos and MoveOn have threatened Kucinich for not voting for the toothless health insurance bill, independent media site like Black Agenda Report and Democracy Now! have lobbed softballs his way.

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Glen Ford of Black Agenda Report covers McKinney

Executive Editor Glen Ford writes at Black Agenda Report about the the McKinney / Clemente ticket. In a column titled “McKinney & Clemente: Black, Brown, Green and True”, Ford writes:

The Green Party’s brand new Cynthia McKinney-Rosa Clemente ticket is off and running, having captured an overwhelming proportion of delegates at the national convention, in Chicago.

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McKinney endorsed by Black Agenda Report

In a radio commentary by Editor Glen Ford, Black Agenda Report endorses Cynthia McKinney for President. In the text accompanying the audio of the broadcast, BAR says:

Two candidates with almost identical positions on virtually every issue fight to exhaustion over non-substantial concerns for months, and will doubtless soon celebrate having achieved “unity.”

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