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Mayor’s Race in Vermont Offers Third Party Intrigue

We recently posted here at IPR that the incumbent Mayor of Burlington, Vermont, a member of the Progressive Party, was not running for re-election. In the aftermath, plenty of challengers have announced, but the Progressive Party has yet to announce a challenger.

After the caucuses, Vermont Progressive Party Chairwoman Martha Abbott explained why her party was still looking for a candidate.

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Bob Kiss Won’t Run For Re-Election As Mayor, Might Run for State Senate

Bob Kiss is the outgoing Mayor of Burlington, Vermont, and one of the most well-known elected officials and members of the Progressive Party of Vermont. Kiss is reportedly not going to seek another term as Mayor of Burlington according to this article:

Burlington Mayor Bob Kiss will not seek re-election to a third term.The

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VTDigger.org: Progressive Party ‘is in serious condition’

After some pretty tough losses at the polls in local Burlington elections – the geographical base for the Vermont Progressive Party – VTDigger.org published a piece about the hard times the party is currently facing.

“This is not their death knell,” says Garrison Nelson, a political scientist at the University of Vermont and longtime observer of Burlington politics (he was present at now-U.S.

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Election nixes IRV for Burlington, sets back Progressive Party

Although official results are not available yet, it is expected that in Tuesday’s election in Burlington, Vermont, city voters got rid of the instant runoff voting system they had been using since 2006 and voted one Progressive Party politician out of office.  The Progressive Party has two seats on the city council, as do two independents. … Read more ...

Progressive Party does well in Burlington election

In the Burlington, Vermont elections a couple of days ago–the Progressive Party made out quite well. Incumbent Progressive Party mayor Bob Kiss was re-elected in the third round of Instant-Runoff Voting. In Ward 2 and Ward 3 respectively, Emma Mulvaney-Stanak and Marrisa Caldwell, both Progressive Party members, won election to the City Council.… Read more ...

News from Burlington, Vermont

On March 3, there will be local elections throughout Vermont.  Burlington, the largest city in Vermont, is one of the more third-party-friendly places in the nation.  It has instant runoff voting for local elections, a Progressive Party mayor, and in one city council race this year either an independent or a Green is guaranteed to win. … Read more ...

Progressive Mayor Bob Kiss on the federal stimulus

On the Prog Blog, the Vermont Progressive Party’s official blog, Burlington Mayor Bob Kiss presents his thoughts on the federal ‘stimulus’ and how it will effect Vermont and Burlington.

The federal stimulus – or economic recovery act as it is now termed – has dominated news over the last several weeks.

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Five candidates compete for Burlington, Vermont mayorship

Citizens of Burlington, Vermont will vote on March 3rd for their next mayor (or they will keep the current mayor).  The mayor right now is Bob Kiss, a member of the Progressive Party.

The candidates running are currenty City Council member Democrat Andy Montroll, independent Dan Smith, Green James Simpson, current City Council President Republican Kurt Wright, and Bob Kiss is running for re-election, as previously reported here.… Read more ...

Progressive Mayor Bob Kiss to run for relection

Bob Kiss is the incumbent mayor of Burlington, Vermont and a members of the Progressive Party. He has declared that he will run for re-election on March 3, 2009. Two or three candidates are hoping to oust Mayor Kiss, including one Independent.

Independent Dan Smith, 33, is a lawyer currently on leave from his job as vice-president of the Greater Burlington Industrial Corporation.

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