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Libertarian Party Secretary and Treasurer Election Results

The Secretary race at the Libertarian Party National Convention was between Rob Power of California and Alicia Mattson of Tennessee. Outgoing Secretary Bob Sullentrup endorsed Mattson. The final results were:

Rob Power: 194 (42.27%)
Alicia Mattson: 265 (57.73%)

The Treasurer’s election was conducted after the Secretary’s race, which pitted James Oaksun of Maine against Aaron Starr of California.… Read more ...

Libertarian Party blog: An update from LNC Secretary Bob Sullentrup

LP blog:

Delegation Chair’s Manual, 2010 (Revised 01-20-2010)
Dear State Chairs, Convention Delegation Chairs and Delegates to the 2010 National Convention:
In November I updated the Delegation Chair’s Manual using October 31 membership data to determine the number of delegates each affiliate is entitled to.

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