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New Philadelphia Inquirer Editorial on Use of State Resources in Challenge to Nader 2004 Petition

Ballot Access News:

The Philadelphia Inquirer of March 11 has this editorial, focusing attention on the fact that the challenge to Ralph Nader’s 2004 Pennsylvania petition was illegally carried out with state resources and state employees. Petition challenges in Pennsylvania are brought by private individuals, yet the people who challenged Nader’s petition used government assets.… Read more ...

PA: Green Party will hold Bonusgate/Carl Romanelli press conference

From a Green Party list-serve, an announcement
sent out January 28, 2010:

For more info contact:
Hillary Kane
Steve Baker

Green Party Announces Press Conference on Bonusgate
Will connect Bonusgate to bogus Romanelli challenge
Will call on state to dig deeper in Bonusgate investigation

On Monday, February 1, Green Party of PA members Steve Baker and Carl Romanelli, as well as Romanelli’s attorney Larry Otter, will speak to members of the press about the ongoing Bonusgate investigation.

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Terry McAuliffe, Ralph Nader, and the race for governor of Virginia

The race for governor in Virginia is one of the most hotly contested elections in 2009.  In the Democratic primary, the established party figure Terry McAuliffe is facing off against a few opponents, but Theresa Amato is leveling the charge of hypocrisy against McAuliffe.  “Terry McAuliffe the candidate is not the Terry McAuliffe I knew as chairman of the DNC in 2004,” she said in a press release from the organization Free and Equal Elections. … Read more ...