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Book Review: Call the Exterminator!

Subscribers to the email updates for Nader.org, received the following review yesterday of Ralph Nader’s latest release, the fictional The Day the Rats Vetoed Congress:

Congress is infested with rats!

In this heavily illustrated fable written by the influential public advocate Ralph Nader, rats invade Congress — and the citizens revolt!

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Ralph Nader: The Day The Rats Vetoed Congress — Available Now!

Consumer advocate Ralph Nader, the 1996 and 2000 Green Party presidential nominee, 2004 Reform Party presidential nominee, and 2008 Peace and Freedom Party presidential nominee,  has authored at least 40 books in his lifetime including the classic Unsafe at Any Speed (1965) and the fictional Only the Super-Rich Can Save Us!Read more ...

Pat Buchanan Reviews Ralph Nader’s New Book

On his website last Friday, paleoconservative writer Patrick J. Buchanan gave a positive review of consumer advocate Ralph Nader’s latest book: Unstoppable: The Emerging Left-Right Alliance to Dismantle the Corporate State.  The book identifies several areas where leftists can work with rightists to combat “Corporate Statism.”

The author Nader, best known for his 1965 book Unsafe at Any Speed, successfully lobbied Congress to pass safety and performance regulations aimed at protecting consumers in the 60’s and 70’s.  … Read more ...

BTP Book Review: Money Grows on the Tree of Knowledge

In her new book Money Grows on the Tree of Knowledge Tracy R. Twyman explains how money – all money – has origins in religion, mythology & alchemy. She describes the book as “the esoteric history of money. Learn how the modern-day alchemists who control our economy create fool’s gold out of nothing.… Read more ...

Mike Renzulli reviews Wayne Root’s Conscience of a Libertarian

Posted at Free Libertarian by Mike Renzulli.

Other reviews include Judge Andrew Napolitano, Tom Knapp (fuller review forthcoming), CLS, John Hospers, Steve Kubby, Peter Orvetti, George Phillies, Eric Sundwall, and Richard Winger.

I was at a bookstore the other day and came across a copy of Wayne Allyn Root’s book

The Conscience of a Libertarian.… Read more ...

Libertarian party blog book review: ‘Recarving Rushmore’

Posted by Austin Petersen on Feb 23, 2009 at LP blog. Reposted to IPR by Paulie.

Abraham Lincoln, Bad President. Franklin Delano Roosevelt, Bad President. Andrew Jackson: Bad President. Bill Clinton, Average President. John Tyler: Good President?!

What’s going on here?

If there’s one thing that really annoys me about libertarianism in general; it’s that every time I think I will find a president I can really like, someone has to come along and utterly destroy them.… Read more ...

LP.org book review: ‘Hamilton’s Curse’ by Thomas J. DiLorenzo

Posted at LP.org by Libertarian Party national volunteer coordinator Austin Petersen. Reposted to IPR by Paulie.

It’s common to hear today from Americans that “if we knew then what we know today, we should never have gone to Vietnam. “ Even my father who served as a Green Beret and who agreed with the Iraq invasion visits his friends names at the Vietnam Memorial with a tear in his eye and regret in his voice.… Read more ...

Book Review: Rejected by Michael L. Soha

Michael L. Soha’s thesis that “fringe” candidates do not get treated fairly in the media will not come as a surprise to many readers here. In fact, much of the book Rejected: How the Media Excluded Alternative Candidates in the 2008 Primary will not be a surprise to our regular readers, especially the ardent Ron Paul supporters.… Read more ...

Book Review: ‘Dumbocracy’ by Marty Beckerman

Dumbocracy: Adventures with the Loony Left, the Rabid Right, and Other American Idiots” is the result of Marty Beckerman spending years of his life infiltrating the darkest, craziest corners of activists’ America (and Israel). The self-described “Jew-boy” attends pro- and anti-abortion rallies, pro- and anti-Zionism events, and other events of the grassroots underbelly.… Read more ...