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Kathie Glass to Rick Perry – You are in Dereliction of Duty on Border Security

From The Kathie Glass campaign to contact.ipr@gmail.com:

At the statewide televised gubernatorial debate on October 19, at which Rick Perry refused to show, Kathie Glass displayed her “strongly worded letter” that she was ready to hand to Rick Perry on border security. Several days ago, Kathie Glass released the contents of that letter.… Read more ...

Arizona Libertarian Barry Hess: Please Help Us Take The Freedom Option to the Air(Waves)

Email from Barry Hess:

Dear Friends, Family and Supporters;

A MAJOR shift has occurred in the thinking of Arizonans in the final weeks of the campaign. 35% of the voters remain undecided and their hesitation seems to stem from their obvious displeasure with BOTH the Republicans and the Democrats. I predict that it will only take 35% to WIN back Arizona and the interim Governor’s support is dropping like a rock as more and more people are seeing through the deceptions of SB1070–they’re realizing it doesn’t have anything to do with border security.… Read more ...