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American Freedom Party: Boston Bombings and Muslim Attacks in Britain

Published on the American Freedom Party website May 25th: 

Boston and Woolwich 

Dan Poole | The reactions to the Boston Bombing and the Woolwich meat cleaver attack are the latest examples of a bitterly unfortunate truth: For some white people both in America and Britain, there is literally nothing that will shake their zealous devotion to equality and diversity.… Read more ...

Libertarian Party statement on Boston Marathon bombing, Syria, foreign intervention

The following was posted on lp.org and emailed today:


Libertarian Party statement on Boston Marathon bombing, Syria, foreign intervention

The Libertarian Party extends heartfelt sympathies to the surviving families of the victims and all who were harmed by the senseless and violent bombing in Boston on April 15 and its aftermath.… Read more ...

Darryl W. Perry: Rethinking Immigration Reform


Darryl W. Perry is a writer whose articles are published in several publications, including the monthly newspaper The Sovereign.  He is a co-host on a radio show on Liberty Radio Network. He is the owner and managing editor of Free Press Publications (FPP.cc). Perry is a co-founder and co-chairman of the New Hampshire Liberty Party, a party created in September 2012 to promote secession of the state from the federal government and individual liberty.Read more ...

Green Party Issues Statement On Boston Marathon Bombings



Statement on the Boston Marathon Tragedy

Green Party Logo


[The following statement on the Boston Marathon tragedy was issued on behalf of the Green Party’s Massachusetts affiliate by the state co-chairs, Jill Stein and John Andrews.]

April 20, 2013

John Andrews, Tel. 781-862-6498

The terrible events that occurred at this year’s Boston Marathon and in the following days have deeply impacted us all, and on behalf of the Green-Rainbow Party we wish to extend our heartfelt sympathy to the hundreds of innocent people whose lives have been scarred by these events.… Read more ...

Steve Scheetz, Candidate For LPPA Chair, Provides Analysis on Boston Marathon Shootings

Email from Pennsylvania Libertarian Party activist and state chair candidate Steve Scheetz:

The tragic events in Boston have spawned many different opinions as to the how’s, the why’s, etc. However, most of the commentary has really missed the mark. Jay Mohr, for example blamed the “gun culture” for the bombing, before the “suspects” were caught and asked what their motivation was, right away it was the “gun culture.”… Read more ...

Green Party Activist Interviews Eyewitnesses to Boston Marathon Bombings

From gp.org

After the two bomb explosions yesterday at the Boston Marathon, Green-Rainbow Party activist Joan Livingston interviewed activists, Carlos and Melida Arredondo, who were in the VIP seating section at Copley Square when the surprise explosions occurred. A certified Red Cross worker, Carlos explains his efforts to help the first people injured in the blasts and the nature of their injuries.

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Modern Whig Party Issues Statement On Boston Marathon Bombings

Helping people affected by Boston Marathon explosions
Submitted by admin on Mon, 04/15/2013 – 17:40

In this time of distress for the people of Boston and those affected by the events at the Boston Marathon the best help we can give is through action. Please visit www.redcross.org or call 1-800-RED CROSS to give blood, donate, or find out ways you can help.

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Constitution Party of Washington Chairman Robert Peck Issues Statement on Boston Marathon Bombings



Whatever the final story behind the Boston Marathon bombing turns out to be, one thing is already evident.  No amount of bombs dropped on far away countries, drones flying overhead, airport security scanners, warrantless wiretaps, or gun free zones can make a people safe.  … Read more ...