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Former Green Party congressional candidate escorted out of Obama speech for Bradley Manning protest

From the Green Party’s Facebook page, August 23, 2013: 

A recent Green Party Congressional candidate, Ursula Rozum and activist, Amelia Ramsey-Lefevre, spoke out in support of Private Chelsea Manning during President Obama’s speech at Henninger High School in Syracuse, NY, last night. The two activists released a joint statement saying:

“With all due respect to the President and his supporters, we interrupted the President’s speech at Henninger High School because President Obama has the power to pardon US Army whistleblower Private Manning – a young, conscience driven whistleblower who exposed US war crimes.… Read more ...

Green Shadow Cabinet: Free Private Bradley Manning: Whistleblowers will not be intimidated

August 21, 2013
Marsha Coleman-Adebayo, Director of Governmental Transparency and Accountability

Army colonel Judge Denise Lind sentenced Pvt. Bradley Manning to 35 years in prison, functionally equivalent to life in prison. In addition, the government, determined to make sure that no one could mistake its chilling message dishonorably discharged Manning, reduced his rank and confiscated all pay.

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Darryl W. Perry: A Presidential Pardon for Bradley Manning

A Presidential Pardon for Bradley Manning
August 21, 2013

On August 21, Judge Col. Denise Lind sentenced Pfc. Bradley Manning to 35 years in military prison (minus 1294 days for pre-trial confinement). Three hours after Manning’s sentence was announced, attorney David Coombs said the appeals process will begin in a matter of days.… Read more ...

Acronym TV Interviews Jill Stein On Presidential Pardon for Bradley Manning

On August 5, 2013, Acronym TV’s Dennis Trainor interviewed Dr. Jill Stein, the 2012 presidential nominee of the Green Party. The topic of discussion was a presidential pardon for Bradley Manning, whose trial is currently nearing conclusion.

[youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U6GWVs8ECI0&w=400&h=225]… Read more ...

Darrell Castle on Bailouts for Bankrupt Cities and Silencing of Whistleblowers


Darrell Castle talks about the efforts of Detroit, Chicago and other cities to transfer unfunded health costs to Obamacare. Castle was the Constitution Party’s 2008 vice-presidential nominee and is considering seeking the CP’s nomination for president in 2016. (August 2, 2013)


Listen to more Castle Report podcasts on Sound Cloud or choose from the complete collection at www.castlereport.usRead more ...

Kevin Zeese: Manning case risks Freedom of the Press if the People do not act

Manning case risks Freedom of the Press if the People do not act
July 31, 2013

The verdict in the Bradley Manning trial has already begun to create reverberations as people start to understand its impact, beyond the impact on Manning.  While the greatest threat to Manning, Aiding the Enemy, was defeated, another threat, The Espionage Act, was not.  

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Jill Stein: A presidential pardon for Bradley Manning

Presidential pardon for Bradley Manning
July 31, 2013

Today the Green Shadow Cabinet calls on President Obama to pardon Bradley Manning for his courageous work exposing U.S. war crimes and State Department deception. Thanks to Manning’s revelations of Iraqi deaths and human rights abuses by the American military, Iraq refused to renew immunity for U.S.

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Freedom Socialist Party: LGBT To March In Support of Bradley Manning In Parades Across Nation

From the Freedom Socialist Party website:

LGBT Community to March in Support of Gay Whistleblower Bradley Manning at Pride Parades Across the Country 

WHERE: Pride Parades in Chicago, New York City, San Francisco, Seattle

WHEN: Sunday, June 30th

CONTACT: Lisa Geduldig (San Francisco) (415) 205-6515 – lisag@igc.org
Elias Holtz (New York) (206) 351-9623 – bradleyprideny@gmail.comRead more ...

The Delaware Libertarian: Right to Work, Pentagon Afraid of Leaked Bradley Manning Videos And Supporting Midwives

The following three articles were published on The Delaware Libertarian blog in the past few days:

“Right to work” doesn’t mean what you think when the government is involved

Published June 15, 2013

Buried deep in the proposed immigration reform bill is language designed not just to create national identity cards, but also to require everyone in America to have the government’s permission to work.… Read more ...

Party for Socialism and Liberation: ‘Bradley Manning is a hero!’

‘Bradley Manning is a hero!’

Thousands march for whistleblower on eve of trial

By Radhika Miller

JUNE 4, 2013

Photo: Radhika Miller

On June 1, demonstrations occurred across the country to mark the fourth year of Pfc. Bradley Manning’s imprisonment and the start of his trial for exposing war crimes perpetrated abroad by the U.S.

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GP Release: Green Party says ‘End the National Surveillance State’

On Wed, Jun 12, 2013 at 8:55 PM, Green News – DC wrote:

For Immediate Release: Thursday, June 13, 2013
This release is online at http://www.gp.org/press/pr-national.php?ID=623

Scott McLarty, Media Coordinator, 202-904-7614, mclarty@greens.org
Starlene Rankin, Media Coordinator, 916-995-3805, starlene@gp.org

Green Party urges mass protest against “adversarial government” and an end to the National Surveillance State initiated under Bush and expanded under Obama

• Green Party’s 2013 Annual National Meeting in Iowa City, July 25-28: http://www.gp.org/meetings/Iowa2013… Read more ...

Darrell Castle: The Trial of Bradley Manning

Darrell Castle talks about the trial of Bradley Manning which starts today. Manning is charged under the Espionage Act and with aiding the enemy. Castle was the 2008 vice-presidential nominee of the Constitution Party and is considering seeking the CP’s nomination for president in 2016.

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