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Trevor Lyman’s ThirdPartyTicket.com more than half way to 10,000 pledge goal for organizing alternative Presidential debates

Trevor Lyman is more than half way towards his goal of raising 10,000 pledges to stage a debate with all the candidates who are on enough state ballots to have a mathematical chance of winning the election. Lyman is previously known for organizing Ron Paul’s money bombs. Currently, ThirdPartyTicket.com lists the number of people who have pledged to help fund the proposed alternative debate as follows:

9/29/08 – 5,782 pledges
9/28/08 – 4,695 pleges
9/27/08 – 702 pledges

Lyman proposes to hold the debate at a yet to be announced location in New York City.… Read more ...

BreakTheMatrix seeks support for third party winner-take-all fundraiser

BreakTheMatrix, a social networking and media company spearheaded by moneybomb promoter Trevor Lyman, is attempting to organize a money bomb for a third party presidential candidate. Which of Chuck Baldwin, Bob Barr, Cynthia McKinney or Ralph Nader that candidate will be shall be determined by grassroots donors themselves, with the candidate showing the most support also receiving the entire donation pool.… Read more ...

BreakTheMatrix: Bob Barr ‘taking action to defend Constitution’

In a statement issued last night, Bob Barr encouraged his supporters to join Accountability Now PAC in the PAC’s efforts to remove from power the key enablers of the “tyrannical and lawless FISA compromise.”

BreakTheMatrix, which sponsors the PAC, hailed Barr’s supportive statements as “an action to defend our Constitution.”… Read more ...