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Tom Knapp: On ‘leadership’

Posted at Knappster by Tom Knapp. Tom Knapp is a declared candidate for the 2012 Libertarian and Boston Tea Party presidential nominations, was a 2008 Libertarian congressional candidate and Boston Tea Party VP candidate, and has been a Libertarian Party candidate on several other occasions. He is also, as far as I know, still signed up to blog at IPR.Read more ...

Brian Miller: ‘Libertarian National Committee Deathwatch Part 1’

Posted at Delaware Libertarian by Brian Miller. Excerpt:

As the LNC continues to lurch towards collapse, with the latest news of mass layoffs at HQ, I’ve decided to begin tracking those things leading the national party to irrelevance, even as state and local parties gain power. As news, rumors and rhetoric break out, I shall chronicle them in this ongoing series at Delaware Libertarian.

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Brian Miller on the role of the Vietnam War in the formation of the Libertarian Party

In a piece at Delaware Libertarian, Brian Miller responds to those who disagree with his critique of Redpath’s “list of promises”:

One of the more amusing tricks of the NeoConTarian faction is to challenge the accuracy of even the smallest statement and use sweeping generalizations like “rant” and “liar” to attack those who they wish to avoid addressing directly.

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