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Georgia Greens welcome Governor’s Acknowledgement of Mass Incarceration’s Costs, offer to work to reverse state’s tragic course

From the Green Party of Georgia, via the Green Party of the United States:
“I am so encouraged to hear Governor Deal acknowledge both the stark statistics and something of the devastation which mass incarceration wreaks on Georgia communities,” said Denice Traina, past cochair of the Georgia Green Party, mother, grandmother and Augusta based physical therapist.… Read more ...

Georgia Greens Urge Negotiated Response to Georgia’s Inmate Sitdown Strike

From the Green Party of Georgia, which has focused a lot of attention lately on the state’s prison system, via the Green Party of the US:

Georgia Green Party leadership today are urging that calls of concern be placed to the Georgia Department of Corrections urging negotiations with, not retribution against peaceful strikers in six Georgia prisons.… Read more ...