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Buddy Roemer Has Died

Former Congressman and Louisiana governor Buddy Roemer, who sought the 2012 presidential nominations of Americans Elect and the Reform Party died today at the age of 77.  The cause of death has not yet been disclosed but Roemer had been in declining health in recent years, suffering a stroke in 2015.… Read more ...

Roemer Announces Creation of ‘The Reform Project’

Former Louisiana governor Buddy Roemer, who ran for the 2012 presidential nominations of the Republican Party, Americans Elect, and the Reform Party before withdrawing in May, has announced the creation of “The Reform Project.”

In an e-mail to supporters, Roemer said the following:

Today is a special day. I am proud to tell you a little more about our new organization —The Reform Project.

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Buddy Roemer Ends Presidential Campaign

This morning former Louisiana governor Buddy Roemer sent out an e-mail announcing he was suspending his presidential campaign. Below is his statement:

After 17 months of a wonderful campaign, the lack of ballot access in all 50 states makes the quest impossible for now.

I want to thank my family, particularly my wife Scarlett, and my three children Caroline, Chas, and Dakota.

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Kotlikoff to Seek Reform Party Presidential Nomination

Boston University economics professor Laurence Kotlikoff has decided to seek the presidential nomination of the Reform Party.  Kotlikoff is also running for the Americans Elect nomination, and is currently fourth among declared candidates in supporters, behind former Louisiana governor Buddy Roemer (another Reform Party candidate), former Salt Lake City mayor Rocky Anderson, and activist Michealene Risley.… Read more ...

Roemer has not contacted Anderson or Kotlikoff about Americans Elect VP nom

It was reported at the end of April that the campaign of former Louisiana governor and current leading Americans Elect and Reform Party presidential candidate Buddy Roemer had complied a list of 23 potential running mates.

For Wikinews, I asked Roemer campaign manager Carlos Sierra  if he knew who was on the list.… Read more ...

Buddy Roemer Says He Has List of 23 Vice Presidential Possibilities

Buddy Roemer is the former Governor of Louisiana, but is now running for President and is hoping to secure the nomination of the Americans Elect party. He discusses some of his difficulties in picking a running mate in this article.

“We’re looking at 23 different people to have as a running mate.

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Reform Party of New Jersey Holds 2012 State Convention

Earlier this month, the Reform Party of New Jersey held their 2012 state convention. The party nominated a number of candidates for various state and federal offices.

Community activist Omar Dyer, a veteran of Barack Obama’s 2008 presidential campaign and a leader in the effort to recall Jersey City Mayor Jeremiah Healy, became the Reform Party’s candidate for United States Senate.

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Americans Elect Presidential Candidates Respond to the Entrance of Rocky Anderson

Several of the candidates for the Americans Elect presidential nomination were asked to respond to former Salt Lake City Mayor Rocky Anderson’s decision to enter the race.

As of March 29, Anderson, who is the nominee of the Justice Party is second among announced candidates with 1,104 supporters.

Former Louisiana governor Buddy Roemer leads all announced candidates with 2,520 supporters.  … Read more ...

Buddy Roemer To Seek Reform Party, Americans Elect Nominations

From the campaign press release:

“Tomorrow, I will formally end my bid for the GOP nomination for President of the United States. As the GOP and the networks host debate number twenty-something this evening, they have once again turned their backs on the democratic process by choosing to exclude a former Governor and Congressman.

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Could Gingrich or Romney be the Americans Elect Nominee?

Jim Cook reports at Irregular Times

With 77 days to go before the first ballot, the combination corporation/political party called Americans Elect opened up a system today for delegates to draft presidential candidates to appear in its proprietary, privatized online presidential nominating system. The official rules of Americans Elect create three standards by which a draft candidate can qualify to appear on the ballot.

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Buddy Roemer reports ‘Best Week’ for Fundraising

Former Louisiana governor Buddy Roemer, a Republican Party presidential candidate that is also seeking the presidential nomination of Americans Elect, sent out a message to supporters reporting fundraising totals of $32,000 for the week, a record amount for the campaign.

Below is the text of the message:


What a week! 

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What’s new with the candidates seeking the Libertarian Presidential nomination

Here’s what I know about what has happened with the campaigns for the LP presidential nomination in the last few months:

Gary Johnson is now officially in the LP race. Since making that announcement on December 28, Johnson has held a birthday money bomb which netted over $40k and has been included in an ACLU civil liberties report card that compared him to President Obama and the Republican candidates.… Read more ...