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ACLU Says Johnson Better On Civil Liberties Than Obama or GOP Candidates

The ACLU recently put out a presidential candidate comparison score card for civil liberties and ranked a number of GOP presidential candidates, President Obama, and former-GOP candidate Gary Johnson, who is now a candidate for the Libertarian Party’s nomination for President.

According to the ACLU’s report card, Gary Johnson actually scored better than any of the other candidates, including the Democratic incumbent, President Barack Obama.… Read more ...

Buddy Roemer Profiled in The Atlantic

Buddy Roemer is a former Governor of Louisiana and a Republican who is seeking the nomination of the Americans Elect party. The Atlantic, a well known publication with a wide reach, has published this in-depth profile of Buddy Roemer and his nascent campaign.

Roemer knows, so he has announced that he will likely compete for the nomination of Americans Elect, a web group that will choose a candidate through an online vote in June and promises to put that candidate on the ballot in all 50 states.

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Buddy Roemer Announces His Intention to Seek Americans Elect Nomination

We previously reported on Buddy Roemer, a former governor of Louisiana, hinting that he might continue his run for President in 2012 as an Independent. Now former Governor Roemer has announced that he will seek the nomination of Americans Elect.

Former Louisiana Governor Buddy Roemer today became the first candidate to announce that he will seek the nomination of Americans Elect, an advocacy group that is trying to put a third, split-party ticket on the presidential ballot.

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