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Blogger who posed as David Koch on call to WI gov. considering run for Congress with the Green Party

From The New Yorker:

Two weeks after Gawker published a shirtless Craigslist photo of Congressman Chris Lee and solicitous e-mails he sent, leading him to resign, Ian Murphy, one of his erstwhile constituents, prank-called Scott Walker, the governor of Wisconsin, and now has his eye on Lee’s vacant seat.

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Carl Paladino says he will not run as a Taxpayers Party candidate if he loses Republican Primary

H/T Clay in IPR comments. Tom Precious in Buffalo News:

ALBANY — Buffalo businessman Carl Paladino said he will not continue to run for governor on a new third-party line if he does not win September’s Republican Party primary against Rick Lazio.

The claim by Paladino, made in a NY1 television interview today, appears to call into question the push for the new party Paladino is trying to create.… Read more ...

Third Party endorsements in NY

In New York State, there is fusion. So, a major party candidate can also appear on the ballot line of an alternative party or independent body. Below are two stories from Elizabeth Benjamin’s Daily News blog about major party candidates who are enjoying third party support.

Benjamin reports, “The Working Families Party endorsed Buffalo Mayor Byron Brown for re-election.”… Read more ...