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Tim Moen: LP of Canada In Merger Talks?

From a message sent to Libertarian Party of Canada members and supporters:

Over the past few weeks, there have been many reports of talks between myself and Maxime Bernier to merge the Libertarian Party of Canada and the People’s Party of Canada. As a result, speculation has filled our social media pages and left our membership feeling like they have been shut out of the conversation.… Read more ...

LP.org: Bylaws Committee Proposals for National Convention

Libertarian Party Bylaws and Convention Rules

From LP.org:

After each Libertarian National Convention, a Bylaws and Rules Committee is established to consider and recommend proposed amendments to the party’s governing documents. The Bylaws Committee consists of 10 members, no more than five of whom must be non-members of the current Libertarian National Committee; this year’s members are M Carling, Andy Craig, David Pratt Demarest, Caryn Ann Harlos, Joseph Bishop-Henchman (acting chair), Joshua Katz, Alicia Mattson, Chuck Moulton, Kimberly Ruff, and Aaron Starr.… Read more ...

Starchild’s analysis of LP national bylaws proposals, 2012

The following is Starchild’s analysis of the proposals put forth by the LP national bylaws committee. See previous IPR posts and comments here, here, here, here and this post from the York County, PA LP for additional perspective on these proposals.

For those who haven’t heard, the handpicked national LP Bylaws Committee, filled with many of the usual suspects from past years, is surveying members on how they feel about their latest set of proposals.
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LP Bylaws and Rules Committee Issues 2012 Report

Report of the Bylaws and Rules Committee to the delegates of the Libertarian National Convention of 2012, Las Vegas, Nevada

Proposals Adopted 15 April 2011

Revised 19 August 2011

Modified for Style 05 September 2011

Dan Karlan*, Chair; MSc, ATMS, ALS, NoRC (e-mail: dankarlan@earthlink.net)
M Carling, PRP**
Marc Goddard*
Michael Johnston
Vicki Kirkland
Jonathan Morris
Chuck Moulton, PRP**
Rob Oates
Mark Rutherford
Aaron Starr*, Secretary
Alicia Mattson, PRP**, first alternate
* — Member, National Association of Parliamentarians
** — Professional Registered Parliamentarian

2.… Read more ...

Libertarian Party Bylaws Committee Proposals

Below are the 43 proposals of the 2010 Libertarian Party Bylaws Committee, as shown in the survey it conducted at http://www.lp.org/bylawssurvey after its February meeting in Austin.  Note that at the 2008 bylaws debate in Denver, the convention was in the alloted time only able to consider about 18 out of some 30 Bylaws Committee proposals.… Read more ...

Tom Stevens: Libertarian Party Delegates In St. Louis Should Oppose Efforts To Decrease Involvement In Party Affairs

Posted at Dr. Tom Stevens’ blog Liberty Lion and emailed to contact.ipr@gmail.com. Posted for discussion. As with LNC candidates, IPR does not take a position on bylaws proposals.

Dr. Tom Stevens, two-term LPUS Judicial Committee member and State Representative of the Libertarian Party of Queens County to the Libertarian Party of New York, has urged delegates attending the Libertarian Party’s National Convention in St.… Read more ...

Modern Whig Party Charter and Bylaws posted…

here (.pdf).

Also posted on the Modern Whig website:


Established in 1833, the Whigs are one of America’s oldest mainstream political parties. We were the original party of Abraham Lincoln and four other U.S. Presidents.

Revived by Iraq and Afghanistan veterans, the grassroots movement has quickly attracted tens of thousands of members.… Read more ...

Boston Tea Party adopts Campaign for Liberty four point program, elects new officers

The Boston Tea Party is having its convention, as IPR previously reported. In the interest of disclosure, two of the at-large candidates (Tom Knapp and Neil Stephenson) also write for IPR.

Here is a press release from party founder Tom Knapp sent to contact.ipr@gmail.com on behalf of the party:

Midway into its second biennial convention — held entirely online — America’s new libertarian political party has chosen a new slate of national officers, adopted the program of “the Ron Paul R3VOLution,” and partially completed work on amendments to its bylaws.

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