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Judge Gray-Marriage Equality:The Time Has Come

The Functional Libertarian

April 4, 2013

These thoughts might be controversial to some people, but the issue is timely, and the moment to correct a series of injustices is now. Therefore, it is time for our country, and all of us in it, to recognize and enforce marriage equality.

Before I go further, it must be said that Libertarians believe that neither government nor anyone else has the right to tell other people what they should believe.… Read more ...

Judge Gray-Continual Tradeoff: Freedom Vs Security

Here is the newest column from James Gray. It will be published on Sunday in the Daily Pilot newspaper, which is distributed to a few cities in Orange County with the Los Angeles Times, under the heading “It’s a Gray Area”.

The Functional Libertarian
March 6, 2013

The soul of the United States of America is our freedoms and liberties, and our soul is now under attack by our very own government.… Read more ...