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Glendale, California: Libertarians helping hotel owner fighting city eminent domain

Forwarded to contact.ipr@gmail.com:

From: Alan Pyeatt

First: I don’t know who all received it, but Beau Cain sent an email about an action in Glendale this coming Tuesday morning. The City of Glendale is in the process of “acquiring” the Golden Key Hotel through eminent domain, so they can give it to Rick Caruso to expand the Americana at Brand shopping mall.… Read more ...

Libertarian candidate Mike Benoit goes on hunger strike

Libertarian Party blog:

Benoit iconLibertarian Mike Benoit, running for U.S. Congress in California’s 52nd District, has been on a hunger strike for the last week. He hopes the strike will convince his incumbent opponent to agree to earlier debates.

Politico writes:

The strike started with Democrat Ray Lutz, who said he got the idea from former California Rep.

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South Lake Tahoe City Council Candidate Steve Kubby sets record straight in letter to newspaper

From Steve Kubby:

Dear Editor

I’m writing to thank the Tribune for covering my candidacy for South Lake Tahoe City Council, and to correct some factual errors which found their way into an article you published today, via citations of older accounts of my story in other newspapers.

Yes, I was initially convicted on charges of possessing psilocybin and mescaline.… Read more ...

Christina Tobin to Speak at 2010 Global Forum on Modern Direct Democracy

Press release from Free and Equal Elections Foundation emailed to contact.ipr@gmail.com:

SAN FRANCISCO – Christina Tobin, candidate for California Secretary of State for the Libertarian Party, will speak at the 2010 Global Forum on Modern Direct Democracy, July 30 to August 4. The forum will be a five-day international event and will include the two-day U.S.… Read more ...

LNC Chair candidate Mark Hinkle raises funds for No on Prop 14 TV Ad campaign

Email from Mark Hinkle:

Dear Libertarian allies,

My friend June Genis, a long long time Libertarian, is mounting a grassroots effort to buy TV ADS to expose the lies behind Prop 14 on the June 8th primary ballot.

The Libertarian Party of California is a conducting a tele-marketing campaign to reach registered libertarians, but we also need to reach voters and TV is one of the best way to do that on a massive scale.… Read more ...

Ballot Access News: California Libertarian Phone Bank Has Already Telephoned 2,000 Voters on Proposition 14

Ballot Access News:

California Libertarians have set up a phone bank to ask voters to vote “No” on Proposition 14, the top-two ballot measure that is on the June 8 ballot. The volunteers have already made 2,000 phone calls, according to Libertarian office manager Beau Cain. It is not clear if that means 2,000 numbers were dialed, or whether it means 2,000 conversations have actually taken place.

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Libertarian Party of California has phone bank to stop Prop 14

Email from Debbie Tharp:

Prop 14 in California in incumbent protection and access prevention. Loss of ballot access in California is a loss for the nation as a whole. Prop 14 (the top two initiative) allows voters to vote for any party they want in the primary elections, and it is being sold as a way to open up the primaries, but any time a similar bill has been passed in any other state, it has resulted in incumbents being re elected 95% of the time.

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California and Nevada Libertarians Unlikely To Oppose Registration Fee

At the Feb. 14 meeting of the Libertarian Party of California Executive Committee meeting, there was discussion of whether to pass a resolution opposing any registration fee at the 2010 Libertarian Party national convention.  The topic was deferred to give ExCom members time to read a brief in defense of the fee by Libertarian National Committee representative Alicia Mattson.… Read more ...

Program and schedule for this weekend’s California Libertarian Party convention

Posted by Bruce Cohen bat GetBruce.com; by way of comments on his previous IPR post:

2010 LPCA Convention
Here’s the schedule of business and presentations for this weekend’s Libertarian Party of California convention in Long Beach. Ccheduled items can be rescheduled by the body of delegates.

At-the-door prices are as follows:


$308 Business Sessions, Saturday and Sunday breakfast and lunch, Saturday evening banquet

$229 Business Sessions, Saturday and Sunday breakfast and lunch

$129 Business Sessions, Saturday evening banquet


$165 Saturday and Sunday breakfast and lunch, Saturday evening banquet

$109 Saturday and Sunday breakfast and lunch

$79 Saturday evening banquet

Registration packages do not include hotel accommodations.… Read more ...