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Libertarian Party of Florida leader attacks Campaign for Liberty; accuses it of violations

Dana Moxley-Cummings

——– Original Message ——–
Subject: Campaign for Liberty & SOE’s
From: Dana Moxley-Cummings Date: Sat, October 12, 2013 4:34 pm
Dear Committee,

I have always been heavily in favor of members of the LPF getting involved with other organizations in the community to advance our mission, and to make contacts with potential, future LPF members.… Read more ...

Thomas Hill: The libertarian message is peace – be it and live it

by Thomas Hill

BURNET, Texas (Feb. 23) – Since I signed on as the campaign manager of the Lee Wrights for President Exploratory Committee I’ve taken some heat from some of my radical and anarchist friends in the libertarian movement, people I love and respect, for getting involved in electoral politics.… Read more ...

David Franke: ‘Fun on Election Day’

Posted by David Franke at LewRockwell.com blog:

I don’t look at voting as a patriotic duty, or as having any intrinsic importance (there isn’t a worthless Fed note’s difference between the major parties). Rather, I look at it as a form of self-expression; whenever possible, you try to give a finger to the incumbent crooks.… Read more ...

Candidates endorsed by the Boston Tea Party surpass a million votes

Emailed to contact.ipr@gmail.com by Darryl W. Perry, Chair of the Boston Tea Party National Committee:

Preliminary results show that over 1 million votes were casts for BTP endorsed candidates (1,129,631). While no BTP endorsed candidate won election Tuesday night, there were several good showings. Eighteen candidates received at least 20% (8) or 20,000 votes (13); 3 of whom – Michele Sallach-Grace (NE Auditor of Public Accounts) Christopher W.… Read more ...

Coffee Party Convention To Feature Transpartisan Dialogue

In its own words, “the Coffee Party’s long-term focus is to develop, replicate, and sustain an effective method of engagement. We are creating models of participation based on responsible citizenship — a sense of civic duty, patriotism, and a respect for our democratic system of government. Our goal is an informed and involved electorate that takes seriously the responsibilities of citizenship, not only for the purpose of winning elections, but to effectively govern our nation on behalf of The People, and no other interest.”… Read more ...

Tea Party Candidate Dunmire Wins Liberty Summit Straw Poll

Press release sent to contact.ipr@gmail.com:

(Orlando) Tea Party congressional nominee Peg Dunmire (TEA-Orlando) won a straw ballot conducted at the statewide Florida Liberty Summit being held in Orlando this weekend.

Dunmire won the vote with 24% of the votes cast.

Straw Poll results for the 8th Congressional District results:

Peg Dunmire (TEA) – 24%
Todd Long (R) – 21%
Patricia Sullivan (R) – 19%
George Metcalf (NPA) – 14%
Dan Webster (R) – 10%
Kurt Kelly (R) – 6%
Alan Grayson (D) – 3%
Others – 3%

The Liberty Summit is an annual event sponsored by the Campaign for Liberty – a conservative Republican organization that represents conservative/ libertarian/pro-liberty individuals from across Florida.… Read more ...

Snitker Beats Rubio In Straw Poll

Press release from the Snitker campaign:

ORLANDO – In a shocking upset, grassroots U.S. Senate candidate Alexander Snitker defeated GOP frontrunner Marco Rubio in a straw poll held at the Florida Liberty Summit hosted by Campaign for Liberty at the Rosen Center in Orlando, Florida this weekend.

Snitker said of his surprise win, “I think this shows that Americans are starting to shy away from the two-party political class, and are instead looking for candidates that will uphold the Constitution and defend their personal and economic freedoms.”… Read more ...

Libertarian Party Monday Message: Feds, stop harassing the Campaign for Liberty!

Libertarian Party Monday Message:

Dear Friend of Liberty,

The Federal Election Commission is harassing and maybe even threatening to silence the Campaign for Liberty.

This is an attack on free speech and an attack on another organization working to promote freedom.

The Campaign for Liberty was founded by Congressman Ron Paul after his 2008 presidential campaign as a way to continue organizing the grass roots activists who helped that campaign.… Read more ...

Boston Tea Party adopts Campaign for Liberty four point program, elects new officers

The Boston Tea Party is having its convention, as IPR previously reported. In the interest of disclosure, two of the at-large candidates (Tom Knapp and Neil Stephenson) also write for IPR.

Here is a press release from party founder Tom Knapp sent to contact.ipr@gmail.com on behalf of the party:

Midway into its second biennial convention — held entirely online — America’s new libertarian political party has chosen a new slate of national officers, adopted the program of “the Ron Paul R3VOLution,” and partially completed work on amendments to its bylaws.

Read more ...

Four Michigan US Senate candidates endorse Ron Paul’s Campaign for Liberty four point agenda

The Natural Law Party in Michigan has endorsed Ralph Nader for President. The Taxpayers (Constitution), Green and Libertarian parties are the other ballot qualified parties in the state. Here, they have recreated what the Ron Paul press conference was meant to achieve with the unanimous presence of the four candidates on enough state ballots to win the election – Barr, Nader, McKinney and Baldwin – before it was sidelined by the controversy surrounding what has been dubbed snubgate.… Read more ...

Chuck Baldwin thanks Ron Paul for Presidential endorsement

Originally posted at

Yesterday, September 22, Congressman Ron Paul publicly gave me his endorsement for the office of President of the United States. In his blog at the Campaign for Liberty web site, he said, “I’m supporting Chuck Baldwin, the Constitution Party candidate.” (See the complete statement at:

Obviously, I could not be more delighted and honored to have Dr.

Read more ...