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Jill Stein receives nomination from Green Party for President

On July 14, 2012, Dr. Jill Stein, candidate for President for the Green Party received its nomination and will proceed to the general election with running mate Cheri Honkala.

Stein won 193.5 delegates, compared with 72 for comedian Roseanne Barr, who did not attend.

Stein hopes the party will qualify for the ballot in at least 40 states; the total now stands at 21.

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Johnson Campaign Announces Latest Endorsements


The Gary Johnson/Jim Gary 2012 Campaign Endorses Colorado and Washington Marijuana Initiatives, announces weekly conference calls with, and printed materials distribution to endorsed candidates; announces endorsements of 17 additional Libertarian Candidates.

12 July 2012 – Salt Lake City – Gary Johnson 2012 Campaign Headquarters


 Endorsement Process

 Candidates making a request for endorsement a) affirm that they have the nomination of the Libertarian Party for the jurisdiction in which they are seeking election or b) if not running as a Libertarian identified candidate (e.g.:… Read more ...

Jill Stein Campaign Reports Details on Matching Funds Success

Posted at JillStein.org:

We are very proud to announce that Jill Stein is the first ever Green Party presidential candidate, and as of July 1st, the only 2012 progressive presidential candidate, to secure the necessary public support to qualify for federal matching funds!

The Stein campaign has released a semi-final report of donations raised in its Double Your Green campaign, as follows below.… Read more ...

Jill Stein qualifies for matching funds in Texas

Jill Stein, presidential candidate of the Green Party, just qualified for matching funds in the state of Texas. In order to succeed she has to raise $5000 in 20 states, and it must be done by June 30th. The following is an email to help her fundraising.

Dear Friends,

What you do with this letter in the next few hours could change the direction of the 2012 presidential campaign.… Read more ...

USA Today: Roseanne Barr not giving up Green Party campaign

Down but not out, comedian Roseanne Barr says she is still in the running for the Green Party presidential nomination despite the fact that her opponent appears to have locked up the race.

Party officials say that Jill Stein — a physician who ran against Mitt Romney for governor of Massachusetts as the Green Party candidate in 2002 – is the presumptive nominee, having secured a majority of the delegates to next month’s national convention in Baltimore.

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Gary Johnson 2012 Campaign Endorses More Candidates


Gary Johnson Campaign Endorses Second Set of Candidates

7 June 2012 – Salt Lake City – Gary Johnson 2012 Campaign Headquarters


Governor Johnson is pleased to announce, on behalf of himself, Judge Gray and the Johnson/Gray2012 Campaign, his endorsement of the following candidates:

(Note: This is the second in a series of endorsement announcements.… Read more ...

Gary Johnson: Be Libertarian With Me

Today’s new youtube ad from the Johnson for President campaign:


The youtube blurb:

Two-term Governor, Gary Johnson, says both parties are indistinguishable from one another. Both are keeping America broke. Both are keeping America at war. Both have trampled on the Constitution. And both are stooges to the same big money players that never change behind the scenes.

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Kotlikoff ends Reform Party presidential bid

In the aftermath of the Americans Elect board decision not to nominate a 2012 presidential ticket, the former senior economist of President Ronald Reagan’s Council of Economic Advisers and current Boston University economics professor Laurence Kotlikoff, who had sought that organization’s nomination, said in an e-mail that he now no longer wishes to pursue the Reform Party presidential nomination, which he elected to seek last month.… Read more ...

New Constitution Party Newsletter

The newest Constitution Party newsletter is out. The e-mail announcing the newsletter is below. The link to the newsletter follows:

Dear Constitution Party Friend,

Virgil Goode, the Constitution Party’s Presidential Candidate, continues on the campaign trail, and has recently done a number of major media outlet interviews.

In New York Magazine, Virgil states, “I think we will take votes from Romney, but we’re going to take a lot of votes from Obama too.

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Gary Johnson: The Elephants and Donkeys Deserve the Bird

The latest Gary Johnson youtube “ad”:


The blurb accompanying the ad:

Both parties are indistinguishable from one another. Both are keeping America broke. Both are keeping America at war. Both have trampled on the Constitution. And both are products of the same big money players that never change behind the scenes.

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Buddy Roemer Ends Presidential Campaign

This morning former Louisiana governor Buddy Roemer sent out an e-mail announcing he was suspending his presidential campaign. Below is his statement:

After 17 months of a wonderful campaign, the lack of ballot access in all 50 states makes the quest impossible for now.

I want to thank my family, particularly my wife Scarlett, and my three children Caroline, Chas, and Dakota.

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Johnson Campaign Announces Process for Endorsements

Libertarian Presidential Candidate Gary Johnson’s campaign has announced the following process for candidate endorsements.

1) “The Governor will only endorse those candidates who are a) NOT running against another Libertarian and who b) do not have the possibility of running against another Libertarian — e.g.  having another Libertarian enter the race).”… Read more ...