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World Report: Germany’s Green Party Experiences Surge of Support Ahead of Key Vote

WASHINGTON POST:  Germany’s Green Party has seen a strong upswing in polling support over the past few months.  That strength is now being translated to big showings in regional elections.

“What is pretty clear heading into this election year is that the main opposition on the federal level will be between the Christian Democrats and the Greens,” said Peter Matuschek, a political analyst with pollster Forsa.

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Libertarian Party of Canada Convention is April 30 and May1, Vancouver

From an announcement from the Libertarian Party of Canada:

As announced earlier the convention of the Libertarian Party of Canada will be held April 30 and May 1st in Vancouver at Columbia College.  This is a chance to listen to well known libertarian speakers and to elect a new board and leader for the party.  … Read more ...

Green Party of Canada: Attack of the Attack Ads

Peter Tretter at Green Party Watch:

So the Green Party of Canada has been in the media lately lamenting attack ads and how they affect democracy. Today the party came out with its own attack ad — attacking attack ads, LOL. Check it out:

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Canadian Green Party News

Peter Tretter has a Canadian roundup at Green Party Watch:

* Federal Leader Elizabeth May’s election office in Saanich got driven into by a truck! She is also saying that US-style attack ads hurt democracy.

* Green Party of Ontario Leader Mike Schreiner recently announced his shadow cabinet in prepation of a provincial election to occur October 6th, 2011.… Read more ...

Canadian Green faces fines & jail time for refusing to fill out census long form

Gregg Jocoy at Green Party Watch:

Patty Winsa, a staff reporter at The Star, reports that Sandra Finley, 61, was found guilty of not filling out her long-form census from 2006. Finley is a former leader of the Saskatchewan Green Party, and faces both jail time and fines for violating Section 31 of the Statistics Act.… Read more ...

Poll Shows Canadian Greens Have Fair Chance to Elect Their First Member of Parliament

Ballot Access News:

A poll released on September 3 suggests that the Green Party has a fair chance to elect its first member of the Canadian Parliament. The poll, for the Saanich-Gulf Islands district just north of Victoria, British Columbia, shows: Gary Lunn, Conservative, 34%; Elizabeth May, Green Party, 32%; Renee Hetherington, Liberal, 17%; Edith Loring-Kohanga, New Democratic, 17%.… Read more ...

Canada Greens Draft Hockey Heavyweight for Deputy Leader

Ronald Hardy at Green Party Watch:

The Green Party of Canada has recruited recently retired Montreal Canadiens hockey player Georges Laraque to be Deputy Leader, replacing the recently departed Jacques Rivard. Will that give them discounts on montreal canadiens tickets, probably not!

“It’s because he has just a tremendous following,” she [Elizabeth May] said by phone from Vancouver.

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Canadian Green Party condemns extradition of marijuana activist to US

From the Green Party of Canada by way of Green party Watch:

OTTAWA — Federal Justice Minister Rob Nicholson yesterday confirmed that marijuana activist Marc Emery will be extradited to the United States, a move that the Green Party of Canada condemns. The decision was made shortly after Marc Emery turned himself in to the authorities as his bail expired May 10, 2010.… Read more ...

Bob Barr: ‘Canadian Premier comes to US for heart surgery’

By Bob Barr
Atlanta Journal-Constitution

The Premier for Newfoundland, one of Canada’s eastern provinces, underwent heart surgery last week. Where do you suppose Premier Danny Williams went for his surgery? To a hospital in St. John’s, the capital city of Newfoundland? Nope. Perhaps he travelled to a larger Canadian metropolis, such as Toronto or Montreal?… Read more ...

Statement of principles of the Libertarian Party of Canada

Statement of principles of the Libertarian Party of Canada, by way of Libertarian Intelligence:

1. Each individual has the right to his or her own life, and this right is the source of all other rights.

2. Property rights are essential to the maintenance of those rights.

3. In order that these rights be respected, it is essential that no individual or group initiate the use of force or fraud against any other.… Read more ...

Canadian marijuana legalization advocate Marc Emery endorses Green Party

Posted by Dave Schwab at Green Party Watch.

Vancouver-based marijuana legalization advocate Marc Emery, known as the “Prince of Pot” for his pro-legalization activism, is urging Canadians to vote for Canada’s Green Party. His wife and co-editor of Cannabis Culture magazine, Jodie Emery, ran as a Green candidate in British Columbia’s 2009 provincial elections.

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Magazine article on whether Canadian Greens can appeal to Libertarians

Thanks to Ballot Access News for the tip…

(excerpt from) The Western Standard
Elizabeth May stands firm on marijuana legalization and opposition to mandatory minimums
posted by Matthew Johnston / Saturday, July 04, 2009

What does the Green Party have to offer libertarian voters? That’s the question I had in mind when I attended a wine and cheese fundraiser for Elizabeth May [Canadian Green Party Leader] in Calgary on Thursday…

…May answered without hesitation in support of reforming Canada’s drug laws.

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