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Posts tagged as “canadian greens”

Canadian Green faces fines & jail time for refusing to fill out census long form

Gregg Jocoy at Green Party Watch:

Patty Winsa, a staff reporter at The Star, reports that Sandra Finley, 61, was found guilty of not filling out her long-form census from 2006. Finley is a former leader of the Saskatchewan Green Party, and faces both jail time and fines for violating Section 31 of the Statistics Act.… Read more ...

Poll Shows Canadian Greens Have Fair Chance to Elect Their First Member of Parliament

Ballot Access News:

A poll released on September 3 suggests that the Green Party has a fair chance to elect its first member of the Canadian Parliament. The poll, for the Saanich-Gulf Islands district just north of Victoria, British Columbia, shows: Gary Lunn, Conservative, 34%; Elizabeth May, Green Party, 32%; Renee Hetherington, Liberal, 17%; Edith Loring-Kohanga, New Democratic, 17%.… Read more ...