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Marco Battaglia: Libertarian Wants to Give More of a Voice to Independents

Libertarian gubernatorial candidate Marco Battaglia in Iowa Public Radio's studio. 5/3/2018 Photo by John Pemble

From Iowa Public Radio:


Republican Gov. Kim Reynolds does not face a primary election challenger and there are six Democrats running for their party’s nomination. There is also a primary race for Libertarians this June. The Libertarian Party of Iowa has full political party status for the first time this election cycle.… Read more ...

Green-Rainbow Party Jill Stein gubernatorial campaign HQ opening party in Boston today

Posted at Green Party Watch by Dave Schwab:

From Jill Stein for Governor of Massachusetts:


Join Jill, Councilman Chuck Turner, and the campaign staff to hear members of the community speaking out for peace in the streets, youth programs, green jobs in the community, CORI reform, bringing the war money home, halting needless foreclosures and more.… Read more ...

Rich Whitney, Green Party candidate for Governor of Illinois, on Earth Day’s 40th Anniversary

Posted by Walter at Green Party Watch:

By Rich Whitney, Green Party candidate for Governor

The 40th Anniversary of Earth Day reminds me of the very first Earth Day, in 1970. I was a high-school Freshman that year and I remember an upper-classman named Billy Barth who recruited some of us to go out to a local stream and pick up litter and trash that had been dumped into it.… Read more ...

Des Moines Register: ‘Libertarian dieter wants trim government’

From the Des Moines Register, by Kathie Obradovich:

Libertarian candidate for governor Eric Cooper pulled off a rare feat at a recent forum: He upstaged the major-party contenders. And not just because he announced he’s lost 144 pounds in eight months.

Cooper, of Ames, owned the audience at the Iowans for Tax Relief gubernatorial forum last Saturday.

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Jill Stein, Green-Rainbow candidate for Governor of Massachusetts: How we can make every day Earth Day

Relayed by Dave Schwab at Green Party Watch

From Jill Stein, Green candidate for Governor of Massachusetts:

40 years ago tomorrow, millions of people around the country took part in the first-ever Earth Day. The event was designed “to shake up the political establishment and force the environment onto the national agenda,” according to Gaylord Nelson, a US Senator from Wisconsin who was one of the driving forces behind it.Read more ...

ME: Independent Candidate for Governor Touts Renewable Energy Plan

Independent candidate for governor in Maine, Eliot Cutler, recently attended the activation ceremony of the largest solar energy system in the state.  From a campaign press release:

Independent candidate for Governor Eliot Cutler today attended a celebration of the activation of the largest utility interfaced solar energy system in Maine.

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