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Weatherford TX Libertarian Files For Parker County Sheriff

Libertarian files for Parker County sheriff

Another candidate has filed in the race for Parker County sheriff and Russell Hess, 48, Libertarian, said he has a plan to bring the county together and save taxpayer dollars.

Hess filed on Nov. 18 and has been self-employed for the majority of his life.

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James Jobe to run for VA House 96 Libertarian Nomination

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James Jobe is a 22 year old resident of James City County Virginia. Despite his youth, Jobe has been very politically active. In 2016 Jobe ran a Write In Candidacy for the US Presidency under the Justice For Harambe Party, and plans to do so again in 2020 under the Seize the Memes of Production Banner.… Read more ...

Mike Kane: Letter to Delegates of National Convention

Sent to IPR by Mike Kane:

Dear Delegates,

I’m writing you today to express some concerns I have with some of Gary Johnson’s recent statements and policy platforms.

I ask that you please read through this entire letter before making a decision on who to nominate at the Convention.

In this letter, I will address Gary Johnson’s foreign policy, his advocacy for the “Fair Tax”, and his positions on welfare/entitlement programs.… Read more ...

Reason: Johnson Files Complaints, No Plans as Libertarian


Gary Johnson Files Complaint With the FEC and FCC, Has No Plans to Run as a Libertarian

Lucy Steigerwald | November 15, 2011

Former Gov. Gary Johnson, the guy having the world’s most frustrating presidential campaign, is joining Congressman Ron Paul in rejecting calls to run on the Libertarian Party ticket.… Read more ...

Root: “Why is America Broke?”

A Small Businessman Answers: “Why is America Broke?”
By Wayne Allyn Root, Former Libertarian Vice Presidential Nominee

Any small businessman with street smarts and common sense can tell you why America is broke, and why there are no new jobs. He’ll tell you that unlike government that spends money it doesn’t have, a small business can only spend what it has.… Read more ...

Root Video: Obama’s Plan to Overwhelm the System

Root Video: Obama’s Plan to Overwhelm the System

Based on Wayne’s commentary of the same name that went viral to tens of millions of Americans in the past year. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b7voEKv52M8Read more ...

Mississippi: Libertarian Knezevich campaigns

From an article by David A. Farrell published June 22, 2011 in The Picayune Item:

PICAYUNE — While national Republicans and Tea Party activists have been debating the merits of third-party attempts, Pearl River County voters will get a chance to see if a third-party candidate can have a local impact, as Donna Knezevich — who filed to run against incumbent State Rep.… Read more ...

California: LP Candidate Steve Collett Speaks Out on Immigration and Drug Policy

From a media release by the Collett campaign:

Libertarian Congressional candidate Steve Collett has focused his campaign on U.S. drug prohibition and immigration policies with America’s important neighbor and trading partner Mexico. He has released several statements on his website www.ElectCollett.com with titles such as, “Mexico Death Counter”, “Economic Prosperity and Immigration are not Zero Sum Games”, and “I am the End Drug Prohibition Candidate”.… Read more ...

LP Candidate Collett: Drug War Death Counter

For immediate release

Steve Collett <electcollett@gmail.com>
Date: Wed, Apr 6, 2011 at 8:02 PM

Death Counter Reports Consequences in Mexico of United States’ War on Drugs

A most horrifying result of the U.S. war on drugs is widespread corruption, death and destruction in Mexico. An Educational Committee Regarding Death in Mexico Due to U.S.… Read more ...

Steve Collett: I Am The End Drug Prohibition Candidate

I believe in ending drug prohibition for adults. Not since slavery in the United States have we had a more failed public policy. If you have been victimized by crime against your body or property with inadequate law enforcement, if you have had your rights against search and seizure violated, if you are disgusted with our drug policies which empower gangs, terrorists and drug cartels, if you are outraged by colossal wastes of tax dollars spent on marijuana busts and an imprisonment rate thats 5 times higher than most every industrialized country in the world, then I am your candidate.… Read more ...

Kubby: Creating an Immediate Influx of Money and Jobs for Our Struggling Community

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JzljV9B-f7c
Creating an Immediate Influx of Money and Jobs for our Struggling Community
By Steve Kubby

South Lake Tahoe is in the middle of an economic catastrophe. Unemployment is above 20%. Our construction industry is in collapse.

We need immediate action to create jobs in our struggling community.

We have thousands of homeowners and businesses who desperately want to make property repairs and improvements.… Read more ...