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Posts tagged as “candidates”

Libertarian National Committe: Highlights of 2014 Libertarian Candidates Survey

Starchild posted on LPC Candidates List:

The following document was posted to the Libertarian National Committee list by national office staff. Lots of useful and inspiring feedback from Libertarian Party candidates who ran for office during the last election cycle!

If you haven’t run for office before, it’s a good soapbox to help spread the freedom message, even if you don’t get elected.… Read more ...

Wayne Root: The Perfect President: “Herman Paul”

By Wayne Allyn Root:

The mainstream media seems to love the traditional status quo robots (Bush, Clinton, Gore, Bush Jr., Obama, Romney) who got us into this economic crisis of epic proportions — while despising and disregarding non-traditional candidates such as Ron Paul and Herman Cain.… Read more ...